VIDEO: "Mercury Is A Natural Element" – Free Lightbulb Day At Chelsea Home Depot

Home Depot gave away a slew whole bunch of Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs this Sunday to celebrate Earth Day and we sent our videographer, Alex Goldberg, down to the Home Depot in Chelsea in Manhattan to see what shoppers had to say. Gotta love the guy who says that it’s ok the bulbs have mercury in them, because it’s, “a natural element.”

While we agree with Mr. skeptical glasses in the video that it’s a good PR move for Home Depot, and coincides with the launch of their “green label” line of “eco-friendly” products, you know, consumers need a push with this issue. It’s hard for the shoppers at large to understand that while they cost a little bit more than your basic bulb, they will use less energy and save you money in the long-run. They also look funny.

So if giving away free bulbs means Home Depot looks good and will sell more of these more expensive bulbs, which could encourage people to buy more and help reduce energy demand overall, well then isn’t that what you call a win-win situation? — BEN POPKEN