Walmart Nazi Tshirt Watch: Week 22

inset.jpg22 weeks after Walmart agreed to remove shirts bearing Nazi iconography from its shelves, and 10 weeks after getting a letter from Congress demanding the shirts removal, they’re still there.

Amanda’s sister found a whole bunch in Ohio:

I had nearly forgotten about the whole thing when I received a call from my sister, Ali, in Bowling Green, Ohio. Apparently, they have a whole stack of the shirts! She described them very accurately on the phone, so I instructed her to buy a couple, and take lots of pictures.

She initially had some difficulty, but after flirting with the checkout guy, managed to purchase one.

Attached is a picture she took in the store, and a couple of pics of the shirt after she got it home. …

Anyway, boo walmart, yay consumerist!

The most advanced supply-chain management system in the world is easily felled by a little dose of feminine charm. Happy Birthday, Hitler.




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