TurboTax Apologizes And Gives Refunds For Filing Slowdown

TurboTax sent an email this morning to customers saying sorry for the big server slowdown on April 17th, and pledging refunds to any one who tried to file that day.

While we described making a tax program that doesn’t work on tax day as being “like showing up to the Olympics drunk,” this latest overture shows Intuit sobered up good.


Dear TurboTax Customer,

We want to let you know that Intuit will be refunding any TurboTax credit card charges that were charged to your credit or debit card between 3 p.m. PDT Tuesday, April 17 and 4 a.m. PDT Wednesday, April 18.

We deeply regret the frustration and anxiety you may have experienced trying to e-file your return on April 17.

We worked closely with the IRS to allow taxpayers who were affected by the delay to file their returns until midnight tonight, Thursday, April 19, without penalty. Intuit will also pay any other penalties that customers incur as a result of the delay, although none are anticipated.

We will be contacting you early next week with additional details about this refund. We value your business and appreciate your patience.


Bob Meighan
Bob Meighan
Vice President, TurboTax Customer Advocacy
Intuit, Inc.



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