Man Gets $280 Back From Bank Of America After Writing CEO

If you recall, Travis got charged $280 in overdraft fees after Bank of America gave him some wrong information about his bank account when moving to a new state. He wrote a letter the CEO, which we posted. Now, good news. He writes:

I received a call from “Lynette” in Executive Customer Service who refunded my $280 in about 5 mins.
Not sure why it took a letter to their CEO to handle this but they took care of it within 24 hours of receiving my letter.

So, take your issue to the top and you get it solved? We’re beginning to sense a pattern here. — BEN POPKEN


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  1. eldergias says:

    It is logical that the CEO or top executives would be the most interested in helping. If I was the head of a company I would baby it and make sure it didn’t act evilly. If I heard reports of bad practices I would make sure to get them resolved. For someone on top, the company reflects them. For someone on the bottom, they reflect the company.

  2. macinjosh says:

    He looks to be very shocked at the situation.

  3. JDAC says:

    I learned very quickly upon moving back to england that only the CEO will really get things done.

    We signed up for Sky TV end of November, and in the space of two months went through three receiver boxes. It just kept dying so I decided to switch everything over to Virgin Media (Sky Broadband was another nightmare).

    Of course, with Sky I was locked into a one year contract which is notoriously difficult to get out of.

    And so it seemed when I would call CS, who would tell me they can’t cancel a contract, try writing a letter, which I did, which told me the exact same thing.

    Cue the email to James Murdoch. After one month of trying to terminate the contract, I got a response back the next day saying sorry about your problems, your account is cancelled without penalty.


  4. —So, take your issue to the top and you get it solved?

    Sad but true, and seems to be a constant. And all it does is sour someone on the company when they have to jump through so many hoops to fix something that usually isn’t even their fault.

  5. Brad2723 says:

    I’m glad he got his problem solved, but the overall problem still remains. You shouldn’t have to take this type of complaint all the way to the top to get satisfactory customer service.

  6. shdwsclan says:

    Its basically quality of education and employee compentance in most cases.

    I’ve learn by calling RCN cable before I had comcast. If a problem persists, dial the the customer support line and if you dont get service, ask them to put you back in queue to get a DIFFERENT support agent. Usually the 2nd and 3rd time is the charm.
    Oh, yeah,and if the company’s call center is outsourcing to india you have to make sure they speak english first,so its usually the 6th or 7th time you get someone that actually speaks english and knows….like HP.

  7. I have never seen anybody look more surprised than the man in this picture.

    (anyone else having issues in opera with the website displaying a stranger than fiction image and a nextel bill on the left side of the screen? In ALL the comments?)

  8. unwritten07 says:

    Did they take his picture at the titty-bar?

  9. bdgw7 says:

    Note the words “Executive Customer Service”. There really is such an animal in many large, public companies and it is separate from the customer service department you get when calling the 800#s and the like.

  10. npbeers says:

    Does anyone know what address he sent this to?

  11. JNM25help says:

    What a nighmare !! I resecently went to bank of america for a approval for a home loan and they pulled my credit and APPROVED me for a home loan to reloacate in another state . my letter says that my loan has been approved pending home appraisal. I then went foward to sell my current home and 2 weeks before I was suppost to move Bank of america said my loan was not approved and ther was noting they could do ! now I have no place to live ! i basised my decision on my letter to sell and move now what do I do ?