IRS Offers Extension To Those Affected By The Virginia Tech Shooting

The IRS has granted a 6 month filing and payment extension to those affected by the Virginia Tech shooting, including first responders, victims, students and employees of the university. From the IRS:

This relief applies to the victims, their families, emergency responders and university students and employees.

“Taxes are the last thing the Virginia Tech family should be worried about at this time,” IRS Commissioner Mark W. Everson said. “Our hearts go out to the people affected by this tragic event.”

The relief announced today allows taxpayers affected by the events at Virginia Tech to have until Oct. 15, 2007, to file and make payments associated with their 2006 individual tax returns due April 17. No filing and payment penalties will be due for those who qualify for this extension as long as the returns are filed and payments are made by Oct. 15, 2007.

In order to claim this relief, taxpayers need to call the IRS at 1-866-562-5227 and identify themselves to the IRS before they file and or make payment.


IRS Grants Six-Month Filing, Payment Extension Following Virginia Tech Shooting [IRS]


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  1. silencedotcom says:

    Who knew the IRS had a conscience?

  2. strathmeyer says:

    Weird! Apparently the victims of some disasters are given compensation by the government. Which ones? What kind of compensation? Who knows!

  3. timmus says:

    Yeah, strathmeyer has a point. What about the people who had a spouse or child yesterday die in something that isn’t Virginia Tech related? Tragedy strikes everywhere and it seems unfair to lavish special privileges on one specific set of people.

  4. traezer says:

    I agree with timmis. However, you can file for an extension, so Im sure if you had a loved one die on the 16th not related with VT, you can get an extension.

  5. Buran says:

    I have to wonder … why does the IRS keep doing these? It’s not as if people didn’t have many months to get their acts together, so if you haven’t gotten your taxes done over the past several months and you can’t file now, why should you get any more time?

    I’d understand this practice more if the window to prepare and file was a lot shorter, but a couple months’?

  6. silencedotcom says:

    @Buran: Excellent point. W2’s go out in January, so most (reasonable) people should be on the ball long before the day before taxes are due.

    I mean, there are most likely some people at 10pm clicking away at TurboTax, but I have to believe that is an small percentage of the overall population. I guess we shouldn’t complain.. maybe?

  7. moorie679 says:

    @Buran: I guess you have never procrastinated for a term paper, research project etc. in your life.

  8. Buran says:

    @moorie679: Occasionally but that doesn’t mean I expect to be bailed out or think it’s right for the teacher/professor to take pity on me when I should have gotten my ass in gear ahead of time.

  9. LandruBek says:

    @Buran: It’s not as if people didn’t have many months to get their acts together…

    Maybe not. As for me, this year was typical, and I didn’t get accurate 1099’s until April 2. Every year, the firm that manages my investments sends out a token 1099 in late December, with this warning:

    For owners of CDO, CMO, MACR and REMIC securities, reportable information is not yet available to investors. For reportable information, you will receive a corrected 1099 by April 2, 2007. It may be prudent to file your tax returns after this date.”

    They are right: in early April they always send a substantially revised 1099 — different by hundreds of dollars. It would be pretty darn imprudent to file early. For me, I can’t do any significant chunk of the work early, since the hardest part is Schedule D, which depends on the revised 1099.

    Anyway, I assume there are folks out there like me in the Hokie Nation who only get about 2 weeks to get their act together. They need this extension.

  10. Buran says:

    @LandruBek: That’s still several weeks. No, they don’t need an extension. If they had gotten their butts in gear when there was plenty of time, there wouldn’t have been a problem. Procrastinated? Too bad.

  11. acambras says:

    Jeez, I think some of you guys are being a *little* harsh.

    Sure, it’s better not to procrastinate — hell, I felt bad for waiting until March this year. But why are some of you getting into some sort of self-righteous hate-on? How is it your problem if the IRS decides to cut some people a break?

    I imagine the majority of people who would be eligible for this extension have already filed. And I bet every single person who’s eligible wish like hell that what happened Monday didn’t happen. I doubt anyone’s chuckling to themselves about how they got over on the IRS.

  12. moorie679 says:

    Buran, how about this… we should ask the IRS to give people a day to file their taxes since everybody is so organized and got all their life together like you.

    And while at it, we should slap the procrastinators who lost a son or a daughter at VT with penalties due to late filings.

    Well if we are going that far, why dont we bomb the whole middle east with a few nukes to get rid of all the terrorists…..coll. damage you say ahh who gives a sh*t.

    At these moments of sadness, we should be compassionate towards one another regardless of the prior actions/circumstances of the people involved (ie procrastinators that waited till the end who lost someone)

  13. l951b951 says:

    @Buran: The IRS keeps doing this because it makes them seem less heartless. Even the gov’t likes to spin positive PR. Public Relations Stunts in gov’t happen all the time (Mission Accomplished anyone?).

  14. Youthier says:

    Well, to play devil’s advocate…

    If you’re child or spouse was shot anywhere else in the country Monday, you’re just as upset and you don’t get the extension.

  15. Optimistic Prime says:

    Six months is an outrageous amount of time, way too long. Who decides these limits? People in the northeast storms get 48 hours, yet their stuff may be floating away right now. Those in Va. still have their stuff in the same place it was a week ago when they were procrastinating.

  16. acambras says:

    @Optimistic Prime:

    Life isn’t fair. I don’t know why the IRS granted 48 hours to one group and 6 months to another. All I know is that the some people IRS – a branch of the federal government – showed human compassion (albeit at varying degrees), and I think that’s refreshing in this era of computerized voice recognition and form letters.

  17. Another Smurf says:

    Yeah, I don’t get this. Granted, traumatic event. But come on, lots of people die every day, unexpectedly and not, and people grieve. Their lives change dramatically as they drop everything and plan funerals. But what makes VA Tech people special? Nothing. Death is death.

  18. PhilK says:

    @acambras: I know this sounds cynical..but I don’t think they’re showing human compassion. I think they’re taking advantage of a highly visible tragedy to improve their tarnished image (to be fair, it’s hard to have a good image when your job is to rob people).

    Human compassion would be extensions for anyone with an extenuating set of circumstances (the storms in the Northeast are a good example), not just the one that can get them the most press.

  19. acambras says:


    I suppose you have a point. Of course it would not be feasible to evaluate everyone’s extenuating circumstances (who decides where to draw the line between extenuating circumstances and lame excuses?) and grant extensions. Maybe that’s part of what you’re saying.

    So maybe the IRS isn’t being compassionate, but pandering shamelessly in the face of tragedy. Even so, I don’t begrudge the extension granted to people affected by the VT shootings. They’ve been through plenty this week without getting castigated by blog commenters for procrastinating on filing their damn taxes.

  20. Nemesis_Enforcer says:

    @PhilK: Bingo! Its just a way to seem like they care. What about the families of our soldiers who die daily in Iraq and Afganistan? Nobody is giving them any breaks and they died for our country..

  21. Buran says:

    @moorie679: Then why even bother to have a deadline? “Oh you can file whenever you want.” Yeah, like that’ll work.