Success Stories: Executive Customer Service Really Works

Noah took to heart our relentless pounding about how useful and easy it is to get executive customer service. Putting our advice to good use, he got some serious traction on his longstanding Sprint service problems by booting his issue to the top of the totem pole. Here’s his success story:

Almost 3 weeks ago, I sent Gary Forsee an email regarding my extreme dissatisfaction with the Sprint Customer Care team.

Along with other technical issues such as repeated dropped calls, and wrongly charging my account. Unfortunately there was no response until I started to threaten to make noise about my issues.

I finally had a lengthy chat with an Executive Analyst, who was very polite (maybe its because I used 321-Call-Log during this conversation)

Anyways, after dropping the erroneous charges and declaring that he will send an executive order to the engineering department to “investigate” dropped call spots in my local area.

While I still wasn’t satisfied, he concluded that I must want out. (boy did I ever) I was frankly honest, and I told him that I indeed did want ‘out’.

He said that he ‘was very sad to see me go (probably because I affect the “revenue stream”) but it is in both of our interests to not have an extremely dissatisfied customer such as yourself’

Anyways, I want to say thank you again, because without your posts, I wouldn’t have any idea to get this level of grand customer service.

This isn’t the first time a reader has gotten a good reaction by emailing Gary Forsee (see Cancel Sprint Account By Writing Intelligent Well-Crafted Emails to the CEO). You too can reach this Nirvana of customer service. This post has all you need to know. — BEN POPKEN


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  1. Coder4Life says:

    Yup, it does work. I wrote a letter to Gary Forsee and got nothing, then I wrote to the executive offices.

    3 weeks later, bam! call from executive office, and left a message on my answering machine that they were sorry to hear what happened and a $240 refund on my account.

    Its great! Ofcourse I cancelled the same day I got my credit.

    Thanks to Consumerist, I got my money back that they stole.

  2. tazewell78 says:

    “He said that he ‘was very sad to see me go (probably because I affect the “revenue stream”)”

    Perish the thought! A Sprint employee caring about revenue more than your feelings? How dare he! What is the world coming to? You’d almost think that corporations are out there to make money or something crazy like that.

  3. xkaluv says:

    I work near the Sprint World Headquarters, I passed the campus on my way home every night. And every night at the same spot directly behind their campus, my phone would drop calls.