Repo Man Takes Wrong Car, Now It Won't Start

At 3:45 on the morning of April 9th, Allyn awoke to find his Audi getting towed by a repo man. Thing is, Allyn didn’t owe anyone any money. Rather, his 1999 Audi A4 had the misfortune of being the same color as a 2001 Saab the tow truck driver was looking for. When he got his car back, it wouldn’t start and the bumper was loose. Thus began his series of misadventures in trying to get the towing company to pay for the damage ($5-$8k by dragging an all-wheel-drive car in park for 5 miles) they incurred.

Since the company wouldn’t deal with him honestly, he filed a claim with his insurance company, and they’re going after the towing company.

Moral of the story: Instead of doing the fighting yourself, sometimes it’s better to see if one of the companies you hire (usually an insurance company) would have a vested interested in pursuing your claim (i.e. they get paid). Sic a monster on a monster. — BEN POPKEN

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