FBI: Kmart Worker Poisoned Meat

Karen L. Wyndham, 45, does not want to work outside the dairy department at the Kmart where she works. That is where she wants to be. If you try to move her, she’ll retaliate by putting rat poison in the ground beef. From WCBD:

Wednesday, A FBI detective took the stand and said Wyndham admitted to putting rat poison into three packages of meat at the North Charleston Super K-mart, where she works in the dairy department. He also said she confessed to doing it as revenge after her supervisor asked her to do work in another section of the store.

In court, Wyndham’s attorney questioned the validity of her confession, saying it came at the tail end of a three hour interrogation. Further, he claimed at least 16 employees had access to the meat and to the dairy cooler, where investigators found rat pellets. Wyndham’s attorney argued many employees are disgruntled due to restructuring and would have motive to contaminate products.

The judge ultimately said none of the others had a signed confession and ruled in the prosecution’s favor.

Earlier this week, a judge released Wyndham on bond. She currently is under house arrest.

We question the thought process that resulted in this course of action. —MEGHANN MARCO

Meat Tampering Case in Court [WCBD]
(Photo:Ben Popken)

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