The "Infinity Razor" Shaves Wallets Better Than Faces

Why do people buy things they see on infomercials? We’re confused. Anyway, apparently people who write for the paper of record aren’t immune to the midnight tv shopping impulse. The pull of the Infinity Razor was too strong. Just to get you up to speed, the Infinity Razor is a razor that never gets dull. Ever! You can use it a thousand times. And they give you two of them, despite the fact that that makes no sense. Anyway:

Then I was told that “regular” shipping would take four to six weeks, an eternity to someone trying to prove the replaceable razor blade consortium corrupt. So I chose “rush.” Suddenly, with $18.90 in shipping and handling fees, my $19.95 razor (plus fogless mirror) was costing $56.75.

And there was no turning back. Once I chose a shipping option — expecting a chance to review my order — the Web site thanked me for my patronage. My money was gone, like the ball in the last hole of a miniature golf course.

I felt swindled. And that was before the razor arrived. Distinguished only by a red infinity symbol on its gray handle, it was a flimsy disposable razor, barely long enough for a grown-up to hold on to.

And here’s the rub (and I mean rub): The blade was so dull it wouldn’t shave me even once, much less thousands of times. I got a cheek massage instead.

Fred blames himself for not Googling first, as the internet turns up plenty of reviews of said crappy razor. Google first. This lesson can be applied to so many things. —MEGHANN MARCO

Shaving My Wallet a Lot Better Than My Face [NYT] (Thanks, E.G.!)

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