FBI Trains Banks To Be Friendlier to Robbers Than to Customers

The FBI is training banks to be super-nice to robbers, as the unexpected friendliness can throw thieves off guard and have them walk away from a crime.

…The method is a sharp contrast to the traditional training for bank employees confronted with a suspicious person, which advises not approaching the person, and at most, activating an alarm or dropping an exploding dye pack into the cash.

When a man walked into a First Mutual branch last year wearing garden gloves and sunglasses, manager Scott Taffera greeted him heartily, invited him to remove the glasses, and guided him to an equally friendly teller. The man eventually asked for a roll of quarters and left.

So if you want really good customer service from a bank, be sure to pack a ski mask with your passbook. — BEN POPKEN

Banks try charm to deter robbers: If youre a bad guy, it scares the lights out of you [AP]

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