Florida Customers To Receive $63,000 In Refunds From Verizon

Thousands of Florida Verizon customers will be getting refunds after the Florida Public Service Commission caught them failing to issue rebates in response to service outages. From the Miami Herald:

During the evaluation, staff discovered that Verizon didn’t automatically issue rebates to customers who experienced more than 24 hours of interrupted service. Human error and programming glitches were part of the problem.—MEGHANN MARCO

At the PSC’s direction, Verizon has corrected the software errors and retrained its employees.

The company’s refund proposal will probably take six months to complete. Verizon will begin issuing the credits this month and report the actual total of the rebates to the PSC by Nov. 15.

More Info at the Florida Public Services Commission Website.

Thousands Of Verizon Customers due refunds [Miami Herald]
(photo: babasteve)


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  1. oldhat says:

    Yes, retrain the employees to stop cheating customers out of their money. Great idea.

    I told them that the chapter employee manual titled “when in doubt, rob customers blind at every chance” was confusing.

  2. landsnark says:

    Isn’t it funny how companies like Verizon ‘accidentally’ screw customers out of money quiet frequently, but never seem to ‘accidentally’ *give* customers money?


  3. asherchang says:

    I have comcast, and we used to lose internet all the time… We should’ve complained and claimed our credit every single time it happened, cuz I’m sure that it would’ve amounted to at least a hundred bucks.