Walmart Granted Gag Order Against Former Spy

A judge has granted Walmart a gag order against former spy (and employee) Bruce Gabbard. Gabbard was fired from Walmart for intercepting the text messages and conversations of a New York Times reporter. Sadly for Walmart, it seems Mr. Gabbard has been feeding the Wall Street Journal a steady diet of sensitive info, including tipping them off to “Project Red” a secret strategy to kick-start Walmart’s sluggish stock. From the AP:

The suit and restraining order were filed two days after Wal-Mart apologized to activist shareholders for Gabbard’s revelation that they were considered potential threats and ahead of a story in Monday’s editions of the Wall Street Journal on Gabbard’s claim that Wal-Mart had a super-secret “Project Red” aimed at bolstering its stagnant share price.

Wal-Mart declined to comment on the “Project Red” report except to say in a statement, “Our senior management, our board and their advisors regularly conduct thorough, strategic reviews of all aspects of our business. That’s just good governance. We look at a full range of alternatives, many of which are considered and rejected, and we will not comment specifically on any of them.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Walmart’s “Project Red,” ” included a consideration of, among other ideas, a possible spinoff of Wal-Mart’s Sam’s Club warehouse-store unit.”
Does anyone shop there anymore? We don’t think we’ve seen one in years. —MEGHANN MARCO

Court Grants Walmart Gag Order Over Security Leaks [ABC6]
(Photo: Clean Wal-Mart)