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  1. timmus says:

    The minimum purchase for the credit cards is strictly against Visa regulations. Of course we’ve already been over that last year.

    On another note, it’s nice to see that they are ‘not excepting American Express’. I was worried I could pay with anything except that card.

  2. homerjay says:

    C’mon, it says not EXCEPTING American Express. Lern to reed.

  3. oldhat says:

    That says Americard Express.

    Which is the last straw! I’m canceling my account!

  4. mantari says:

    I dunno. Since this seems to be an article full of random and interesting pictures, can we add our own? ;)

  5. Macroy says:

    @mantari: I didn’t read anything about this becoming 4chan.

  6. jamesdenver says:

    Here’s one I took in central Florida last year

  7. jamesdenver says:

    LOL – great Red Robin pictures. I was there two months ago for the first time and was absolutely astounded at the proportions of my table accoutrements. I took the exact same picture :)

  8. CoffeeAddict says:

    Yeah for Red Robin’s. Mackenzies billboard is cute and somewhat odd.