Pay What You Want For Independent Music With Songslide

Songslide may be a glimpse into the future of online music, where consumers choose how much to pay artists for high quality DRM-free downloads. Songslide was founded by John Brewer and Devin Heard, two musicians who found that fans paid more for music when given the freedom to choose the price.

We started SongSlide because we believe there is a huge well of untapped generosity out there in the world of independent music. We believe that when fans are given the choice to support their favorite artists by paying more for their music, they will pay more. Why? Because it feels great to support the musicians you love. And because fans know it will make a difference to the artists.

The minimum price is $0.59 per track. The more you pay, the more the artist receives. Since Songslide’s launch, the average price per track has been $2.08.

Songslide’s current selection is very limited; indie musicians only. Freakonomics also notes that Songslide’s volume is low, and wonders if the buyers are “mostly friends and family.” As consumers, we enjoy Songslide as a proof-of-concept for the music industry. We would gladly pay a premium if we knew our favorite artists, not music companies, were the direct beneficiaries. Would you? Tell us in the comments. — CAREY GREENBERG-BERGER

Songslide [via Freakonomics Blog]

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