Fellowes "Screen Cleening Wipes" Leave Nasty Junk All Over Screen

A reader says he bought some Fellowes Screen Cleaning Wipes and, “to my amazement, they leave a sticky white residue.”

At right is the picture he sent us (click to enlarge).

Several Amazon reviewers agree, saying things like, “It’s like wiping your monitor off with WD40,” “These cleaning wipes left streaks all over my monitor,” and, “It left behind annoying streaks and film.”

Instead of wasting money on these pieces of garbage, one reviewer recommends their homebrew, a soft cloth with solution of 1 part water to 1 part rubbing alcohol.

Our tipster asked Fellowes for his money back. We’ll see how that goes. — BEN POPKEN

UPDATE: Readers say the problem may be that these wipes were designed for CRT monitors (the big boxy ones), not LCD (the thin type shown).

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