Leaky Roof Blamed For Salmonella Peanut Butter

Hey guys, the episode of House, M.D is over! A leaky roof was the source of a salmonella outbreak that sickened 400 people. From the AP:

Childs said the company traced the salmonella outbreak to three problems at its Sylvester, Ga., plant last August.

The plant’s roof leaked during a rainstorm, and the sprinkler system went off twice because of a faulty sprinkler, which was repaired.

The moisture from those three events mixed with dormant salmonella bacteria in the plant that Childs said likely came from raw peanuts and peanut dust.

The plant was cleaned thoroughly after the roof leak and sprinkler problem, but the salmonella remained and somehow came in contact with peanut butter before it was packaged, she said.

Yuck! While rennovations are being done at the contaminated plant, peanut butter will be made elsewhere. ConAgra has also hired a microbiologist to overhaul their salmonella testing procedures. The article failed to mention what will happen between Dr. Chase and Dr. Cameron. —MEGHANN MARCO

Leaky roof blamed for tainted peanut butter [MSNBC] (Thanks, jpc!)

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