Wash And Reuse Swiffer Duster Cloths

Swiffer duster refills are expensive, but reader Jen says you can get more uses out of your Swiffer duster cloths by handwashing them with laundry detergent.

“They don’t get totally clean, but you can definitely get 2-3 more uses out of them,” says Jen.


(Photo: Crystl)


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  1. mopar_man says:

    Or just buy some of the well-made reusable ones available on Ebay. There’s also recipes online for refilling the cleaning solution.

  2. Ben Popken says:

    @mopar_man: Here’s one for the cleaning solution refill.

  3. clarity says:

    a piece of polarfleece-type fabric cut to size also works very well as a washable refill.

  4. kerry says:

    I have reusable microfiber cloths from Method (about $5 apiece) and affix them to the swiffer in the traditional manner. They can usually do a few rooms’ worth of wood floors, when they’re dirty I throw them in the laundry pile.
    Method makes their own swiffer-style duster now. I bought one, and the mop head is great for wet cleaning, but I don’t like their dusting cloths and the head of the thing is too large to use their microfiber cloths. Jerks.

  5. Dustbunny says:


    Method also makes a wood-floor duster/wet clean thingie. It comes with microfiber cloths and a fabric cleaning thing, plus a bottle of cleaning liquid.

    I heart Method. Target is going to start carrying their new shower gels, soaps and deodorants starting this month.

  6. kerry says:

    @Dustbunny: Ooh! Deodorant! I have the Method sweeper (hate the name, “omop”) with the microfiber mop head, and it does a good job with wet cleaning. I might buy a couple more to use for dry dusting. I just hate buying disposable stuff, so even though their duster cloths are compostable I still feel like it’s a waste.

  7. Roosh says:

    or you can just buy a mop

  8. UASteph says:

    For microfiber cloths, pass up the ones in the cleaning aisle and head back to automotive. They often have them in multipacks for much less.

  9. WindyKindy says:

    Or you can just get durable paper-towels. They work just as well.

  10. adamondi says:

    Yeah. If you are having to hand wash and reuse swiffer pads, then it may be a good idea to just get yourself an actual mop and just hand wash (and microwave while still moist) the sponge heads.

  11. pambamboo says:

    Method dusting cloths are made out of corn so they’re compostable too! Mehod is the greatest!