Improved Xbox Warranty Is Victory For Gamer's Bizzare Project

Conor’s plan to return his broken Xbox in a 40ft shipping container is over, thanks to Microsoft’s improved Xbox warranty, which now says:

• Shipping for all repairs is free
• Paid repairs get a new one-year warranty
• You’ll likely get your original console back

Originally, Microsoft wanted Conor to pay for shipping back his defective Xbox, having broken a second time. The first time he didn’t have to pay for shipping.

So of course Conor got enraged and took the next logical step: raise money online, $1,113.87 at last count, to send the Xbox back in a giant metal box…

An ill-conceived consumer revenge plot, to be sure, but we suppose we can appreciate its spirit. Hooray, you win. Here’s your latest next logical step: refund all the donations. — BEN POPKEN

The Big Box Project [Official Page]


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  1. reeg2 says:

    after reading his conversation with the manager at MS, I’d have just told him to stick it

  2. Iron_Dragon says:

    Cool. Now if only MS would fix the flaw that causes these problems to begin with. I mean great customer service is one thing but your company should do as much as possible to avoid the conflict in the first place.

    For any who wonder no I don’t own a 360. I did however have to explain to my aunt what exactly was wrong with my cousin’s 2 week old 360 when it couldn’t get 5 minutes into Dead Rising without freezing (Yes it was in an open space with lots of cool air). Thankfully EB > Microsoft and they upgraded his core to a premium free when replacing it.

    EB impressed me. Microsoft did not for coming out with such a rushed product to begin with.

  3. pockygt says:

    Unique ways to stick it to “the man” make me happy.

  4. Scazza says:

    “Xbox now has a one year warranty”

    Starting last september (and back working), ALL xbox 360s have 1 year warranty.

  5. asherchang says:

    The most practical step for this guy would be to give the box money to charity, or maybe turn the whole thing into a post facto raffle thingy of some sort (this second option being vaguely unlegal, of course).

    But instead of just quietly signing over some check to some random charity, the guy should make a statement with even this move by giving the money to some sort of library or other brick-and-mortar based organization, and get a plaque or brick on their premises with some awesome message dissing MS. Or maybe just “The Box Project Dot Com”.

  6. Techguy1138 says:

    Not quite. I remember that there were certain xboxes that were not covered by the one year warranty. Then again they have revised the warranty to many times to count.

    However it is nice that they now have (hopfully) fixed all of the issues that caused the xboxes to fail with the new units.

    I’m also glad that MS is now sporting a more consumer friendly policy. It really can’t get much better then they are offering now.

  7. mad_oak says:

    @Scazza: The post read they offer a new 1 year warranty on the REPAIRED unit.

  8. mad_oak says:

    Give the donations back… Good point.

  9. jasontoon says:

    That should be “bizarre”.

  10. LewZealand says:

    The one-year warranty is for ALL units now, mad_oak. But it seems Microsoft hasn’t updated their system to reflect that when you register your console online. I had to fax my purchase receipt to Micrsoft so they could verify my purchase date and update the warranty end-date appropriately.

    It would also be nice if Microsoft updated their CSRs on the “we pay ALL shipping now, too” update. As of five days ago, the CSRs are still sending mixed messages.

    I bought a 360 a couple weeks ago and it was conveniently shipped with a broken hard drive. One CSR told me a box would be sent to me to return the broken HD. A week later, when nothing had arrived yet, another CSR told me that Microsoft policy was not to pay for shipping to the service center. I just returned the system to the store instead. Microsoft didn’t even address my problems in the e-mail I sent them afterward. It was all standard “sorry, we can’t help you” garbage.

    Nintendo is so much easier and nicer to deal with.