Improved Xbox Warranty Is Victory For Gamer's Bizzare Project

Conor’s plan to return his broken Xbox in a 40ft shipping container is over, thanks to Microsoft’s improved Xbox warranty, which now says:

• Shipping for all repairs is free
• Paid repairs get a new one-year warranty
• You’ll likely get your original console back

Originally, Microsoft wanted Conor to pay for shipping back his defective Xbox, having broken a second time. The first time he didn’t have to pay for shipping.

So of course Conor got enraged and took the next logical step: raise money online, $1,113.87 at last count, to send the Xbox back in a giant metal box…

An ill-conceived consumer revenge plot, to be sure, but we suppose we can appreciate its spirit. Hooray, you win. Here’s your latest next logical step: refund all the donations. — BEN POPKEN

The Big Box Project [Official Page]

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