T-Mobile Confirms You Can Cancel Without Fee Over Texting Price Increase

Just like we told you, T-Mobile customers can cancel their cellphone contract without paying an early termination fee, but this time, T-Mobile itself actually made a public statement saying so!

“Customers may terminate their contract without incurring an ETF soon after receiving their notification of the pricing change,” T-Mobile spokesbot Peter Dobrow told RCR Wireless News.

It ain’t some sort of sneaky consumer scam, it’s actual contract law. Materially adverse changes to contract terms mean the contract can be canceled. Now don’t all run out and get the iPhone at once. — BEN POPKEN

ETF can be waived over increased texting fee [RCR Wireless] (Thanks to Christopher!)
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  1. shoegazer says:

    forget the iPhone, I wish I’d waited for the N95. Now that is a sweet camera phone.

    Perhaps the spokesbot actually reads Consumerist?

  2. BII says:

    I have a somewhat ironic question: What if I want to get out of my contract but stay month-to-month with T-mobile? Can I do that? I’d like the liberty of being month-to-month, but I actually like T-mobile service.

  3. dpoke1 says:

    Now if only Nex-hell would come out with a samilar statement for those in chirp purgatory. HOW COME I DIDN’T know about this site back in October (or read my bill more carefully)?

  4. rekoil says:

    I’ve always had a hunch that T-Mobile was the “least evil” of the major mobile providers. Glad to see that hunch validated every once in a while. :)

  5. cindel says:

    “T-Mobile USA didn’t elaborate on whether all of its customers would be allowed to cancel without paying the fee. Customers who pay for text messages in bundles-and therefore don’t pay the per-message fee-as well as those who don’t use text messaging at all won’t be affected by the change and therefore may not be able to claim it as a change to their service.”

    What does this mean for people who do not use text messages?

    I’m still waiting on the higher ups informations to I can send them my copy of the transcripts

  6. ray210 says:

    Yay me. I cancelled last week and got a freakin’ HEAT from Helio (they have excellent service, btw, and no I’m not a viral marketer). Maybe that makes me a tool – but at least I’m not T-Mobile’s tool anymore.

  7. SpookyET says:

    The N95 will never come to the US. Don’t wait for it. Unless you go often to Europe, it’s mostly useless. A lot of cool functionality, such as Google Earth-like GPS requires 3G. And no, the 3G frequency will not work with the proposed GSM 3G in USA. You can buy it of eBay for $1000.

  8. doofus666 says:

    Working as a rep for tmobile the offical word is this 1.) if you have unlimited msgs you do not qualif and etf applies since this will not effect you, and 2.) if you have not had to pay charge for a sms in the last 90 days you do not qualify since you have never used it. Having said that i cancel people left and right regardless since if we can change the rules at anytime and there is nothing you can do, it only fair. Oh and if you run into a real hard ass on this issue, send yourself a sms, wait for it to bill behold the $.10 ETF

  9. pockygt says:

    So…does this mean that cingular is also going to eventually cave? I’ve called them at least 4 times and gotten lied to AND hung up on.

    This makes me miss T-Mobile. God I loved them when I had ’em. Curse their lack of coverage!

  10. myfakenameissteve says:

    Well think of it this way. T-mo has the cheapest service I can find, and coverage is comparable to anything else here(Cleveland). They back dated my text package because I cancelled it on a tip that they were going to hike the rates, so i could cancel (I worked for Cingular for a looooonnggg time and they would never do that). Great customer service in my experiences and the fact that they aren’t going to hold people up on canceling service fee-free like everyone else, I makes actually feel good about having them as my provider. For once in my life I am happy with my mobile service. Now they just need to allow packet data access through java programs (I had to buy an unlocked phone just to get my opera mini to work.)

  11. miketurk says:

    @SpookyET: Nokia has confirmed they will release a US version of the N95, which will be for sale on Nokia’s own website. In addition, the mapping feature does not require 3G, only a data plan or a PC to load maps onto the phone with.

  12. icky2000 says:

    rekoil: I’ve felt that way about T-Mobile too. I’ve been a Verizon Wireless and Sprint customer in the past but since switching to T-Mobile a few months back, it does seem different. I’ve been particularly impressed with the people in my local T-Mobile store who helped me sort out a few issues and were very nice and helpful. Maybe it’s just been my luck but so far, I’m a happy customer.

  13. LBSurfer says:

    Just FYI – we were able to opt out of my wife’s plan with Verizon (she recently got a work phone she can use for personal use) for this very same reason. The customer service rep and manager seemed dumbfounded when we spoke to them about the clause in their contract about rate changes allowing us to cancel with no ETF, but we got it done!

    Thanks Consumerist for giving us the info to save a few bucks!

  14. Hallik09 says:

    I was actually able to cancel my T-Mobile contract last week, I honestly wouldn’t advise it, T-Mobile IMHO has much better CSRs than Verizon, they are very lenient, helpful, and always crediting me back for stuff :)I re-activated the same day and got a brand new BlackBerry Pearl free from them and a 50 dollar rebate on it, and I still get to keep my preferred member discount. Of course I sold the phone for 325 and I’ll be able to cancel with no ETF after 180 days with the whole “Moving to another country while really just going on vacation” thing :)

  15. ptkdude says:

    @Hallik09: Be careful about using the “moving to another country” idea with T-Mobile. If they offer service in the country you say you’re moving to they will just transfer your service there. A buddy of mine moved from Atlanta to London, and when he called T-Mobile to cancel, they just migrated his service to T-Mobile in the UK. He was perfectly happy with T-Mobile and didn’t have a problem with it, but it just shows to go ya you need to be careful with it.

  16. dwj119 says:

    I’m still waiting for a class action laws suit against Cingular for the breach of contract.

  17. Hallik09 says:

    @ptkdude: Thanks for the heads up, I was planning on “moving” to Dubai, figured I’d say, “Oh, I got an offer from Haliburton and I’m moving to U.A.E.” Then I’d get my cousin there to fax whatever proof they need, cake :)

  18. cindel says:

    It’s funny now that it’s “official” because when I called the first time, they give me a bunch of lies and the rep was laughing at me. I have the chat transcripts.

    The person I spoke to this time around was nice and didn’t put up a fuss. WTF is going on over there?

    Don’t lie to your customers and pull this bullshit.

  19. AskForMore says:

    Does anyone have the full text of the RCR Wireless article, since the link is broken ?

  20. AskForMore says:

    I don’t get a paper bill. So, what is the official channel for delivery of this information (rate change) to me? Since I have 14 days to cancel, I want to make sure when the clock starts ticking?
    If I go online after my next bill is available, will it have a section on the rate change?

  21. JBUTTS55 says:

    I recently purchased a sidekick 3. I never recieve my text messages or voice messages unless i turn my phone off then on again!! In the last few weeks the phone also will not work for hours at a time!! I called T- mobile to see what could be done about this problem, and I was informed that absolutley nothing would be done!! They said this problem was global and they had their enginers working on this problem!! Well tell all of my clients that when they are trying to reach me!! Thanks alot t-mobile!! Moral of the story… Dont buy a sidekick!!!

  22. VeredCalidus says:

    I got screwed over by TMobile. I’ve been a loyal customer since 2001 and decided to switch providers since times are tough and I wanted to get a cheaper family plan with my husband’s provider. I was able to cancel due to the increase in text messaging and was told everything would work perfectly. They say they can waive the early termination fee but then charge you $200 if they port the contract. So I got charged $400 and credit back $200 for the early termination but they say in order to not get charged at all I should have canceled my contract and NOT ported my number. So I got screwed over and I am at a total loss of what to do, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.