How To: Sew A Button On The Right Way

On some level, we always knew there was a “right” way to sew a button on, but we did not know, nor did we ever care to find out what that right way was. Consequently, all buttons sewn on by us look odd. They don’t fall off because we use 14′ of thread to attach them, but they don’t exactly look great. Now, thanks to the internet, one can learn the proper way to attach a button with this helpful video.

It’s simultaneously easier and more difficult that our previous method of stitching madly through the button holes. Men in particular should watch this video and stop asking us females to sew buttons on your shirt. Many of us don’t have secret button knowledge. We just fake it so you’ll think we’re smart. —MEGHANN MARCO

[via Curbly & Threadbanger]