Introducing The Consumerist Mutual Fund

The Consumerist once promised to help fix capitalism. Today, we will realize that dream. We regularly stress the importance of saving for retirement. 401ks, Roth IRAs, they are good, but uncertain. They caution, “past performance does not guarantee future gains.”

We invest with confidence. You should, too. That is why The Consumerist is proud to present for your consideration, The Consumerist Mutual Fund.

From the fund’s prospectus:

Primary Investment Strategy
The Fund invests 100% of its assets in the stocks of companies covered by The Consumerist. These companies include, among others, telecommunication conglomerates, members of recording associations, and ginormous retailers. The Fund shall purchase shares in these companies only after The Consumerist publishes posts that have a materially adverse affect on their share value. Those companies expected to receive adverse attention, if already represented in the fund, shall have their shares sold short.

The Consumerist Mutual Fund. Fixing capitalism since 2007.

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