Get Missing W-2s By Siccing IRS On Your Employer

We finally wrested our W-2 from our previous employer’s hands and all it took was the threat of an IRS fine.

After weeks of broken promises, we grew exasperated with the lack of response and made a quick call to the IRS to let them know our ex-boss was breaking the law. The IRS took down our info and sent a threatening letter to our old employer.

Today, success! The W-2 arrived, along with a lovely apology note.


No, Thank You, Ass-Clown Circus, Incorporated!

Moral of the story: If your employer won’t send you your W-2, call the IRS at 1-800-829-1040. Then let your old employer know you dropped the dime and if they don’t want to get fined, they better send you the forms. — BEN POPKEN

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