Acura Dealer Refuses To Fix Torn Leather Seats Because Driver Wears "Wrong Kind of Pants"

Leather seats aren’t supposed to break apart on your two-year-old Acura TSX. So a conscientious owner with miles left on the warranty does what any sensible consumer would do: Take it to a dealership for warranty repair. Not so easy.

At Acura of Pleasanton, California, one owner was treated to a chastising, a handy lesson in how to enter a parked car, and some fashion tips. To wit:

He refused to fix a split in the stitching on the driver’s side because he claims:
1) I get into the car “wrong” (whatever that means)
2) I wear the wrong kind of pants. Yes, you read that right. The guy told me that blue jeans tend to scuff the leather, and that I might not have this problem if I wore slacks. Apparently getting into the car with Levis is not considered “normal use” under the terms of the warrantee.

The stonewashing must make the fabric grainy and hard. Huh? Last time we checked, Levi’s didn’t come with a razor-blade accoutrement.

And what kind of slacks? Worsted wool? Will they need to be Super 120s, or can I wear winter-weight? How about khakis?

The poster then teases us with the promise of videotaped evidence.

The good news is that I have this creep on videotape saying all of this! I also taped him demonstrating the “proper” method of getting into the car (twice) and his butt hit within a fraction of an inch of the spot on the seat that my “abnormal” ingress motion hits. Even though I had him on tape, he denied that he came anywhere near it. When I demonstrated how I get into the car, the jerk told me, “that’s not how you get in.”

Precious. We demand YouTube satisfaction.

In the meantime, the solution is simple. Drive naked. MARK ASHLEY

Avoid Acura Of Pleasanton’s (California) Service Department!! [] (Thanks to readers Clinton, Jordan, and Michael!)
(Photo: Ian Muttoo)

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