A Closer Look At Comcast's Privacy Policy

Wired took a closer look at Comcast’s privacy policy on one of their blogs today. Of particular interest:

The privacy policy starts off with the fine sentiment that: “Comcast is committed to maintaining your privacy and believes that, as a subscriber to its high-speed Internet service, you are entitled to know Comcast’s information practices.” The policy then goes on to state “We will not read your outgoing or incoming e-mail, video mail, private chat, or instant messages, but we (or our third party providers) do store e-mail messages and video mail messages on computer systems for a period of time.”

“A period of time” is not defined.

Comcast (and we’re sure they’re not alone in this) should really be more explicit about what is captured and how long it is stored. —MEGHANN MARCO

Comcast Deflects User’s Questions – Updated [Wired]
(Photo: cmorran123)

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