Sallie Mae Is Still Ruining Your Life!

Remember the guy who lost his job due to threatening phone calls from Sallie Mae? He found a new job but he still can’t really afford his student loan payment. Unfortunately, the advice Consumerist readers gave him last time didn’t work. He was not able to consolidate with He writes with an update:

The FDSL just sent me a loan cancellation letter. They have decided that they will only take federal loans now to consolidate and Sallie Mae is primarily a private lender, and that is what they report my loan as. What the difference between a federal guaranteed loan and what they consider a federal loan through a private company is beyond me.

The advice given to me to try was unfortunately wrong, or somehow I didn’t say the right keywords when I applied so I was denied, even from the government. Or, as is to be expected, many still think that Sallie Mae is somehow a federal loan and I was given advice according to that assumption.

Anyone else have any ideas? We’re really worried about this guy. —MEGHANN MARCO

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