Post Office Meltdown: Customer Flips Out On Video At Brooklyn Post Office

This camera phone video clip is from last December, but the post office where the incident occurred has been drawing some sharp criticism in recent days. Could it be the worst post office in all of New York City? From the Daily News:

“Get the manager over here!” screams the unidentified customer to a postal employee behind a counter window. “I want the manager. We’ll see how long you have your job, sweetie.”

After several minutes of the customer’s rant, three police officers respond to the scene, but the 5-minute, 43-second clip ends too soon to see what happens next.

A Police Department spokesman told the Daily News that the man was released after he was given a verbal warning, but there was no record of his name because he was not arrested.

It’s unclear what tipped the customer over the edge.

“Who the hell do you think you are?” the employee is heard yelling at the male customer as others look on.

“I’m the customer, you stupid bitch,” the man responds.

As crazy as this guy seems, from what we hear about this post office, he may have been under-reacting. —MEGHANN MARCO

Online vid shows post-office meltdown
[Daily News via Gothamist]