Woman Buys $1,000 In Tainted Pet Food At Walmart

Walmart’s recall system is broken, but you already knew that. A South Carolina woman noticed that her local Walmart wasn’t removing tainted pet food that can and has caused kidney failure and death in pets. Her solution was to buy it, just to get it off the shelves. From the AP:

A woman said she was so worried about reports of tainted pet food she spent more than $1,000 buying all the product she could find at her local Wal-Mart. Margaret Trask said she filled a shopping cart full of canned pet food made by Canadian company Menu Foods at the Beaufort Wal-Mart after hearing about the recall Friday.

She returned Wednesday morning to buy more food and came back that night to buy even more, but Trask said store officials asked her to leave. She said store employees were taking some of the food off the shelves.

Reader Rick, who sent in the article, says:

This is something I thought about during the height of the whole Nazi t-shirt thing. How quickly would Wal-Mart remove something from their shelves if it was hazardous? Evidently just as slow as they were with the t-shirts.


Woman buys over $1K in tainted pet food [Yahoo!]
(Photo: Clean Wal-Mart)

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