Where 311 Fails, Will Blogging Succeed?

Sigmund, a resident of Brooklyn, is hearing a piercing alarm-type sound that lasts anywhere from minutes to hours on end. The sound can be heard with the windows closed. Upon complaining about this noise to the police and local authorities,Sigmund was told that unless other people complained… nothing could be done.

Now Sigmund has started a blog and is asking if anyone else hears the alarm, and, if they do to please complain so it can be stopped. From the blog:

We have asked officers from the 84th Precinct to investigate the sound. They have visited 180 Montague Street twice and failed to resolve the problem. The first time they came, they decided that the noise was coming from a door ajar on the roof of 180 Montague Street itself and left. The second time, they said it was “the whistling of the wind,” “garbage trucks backing up,” and then finally that they had no idea what it was and that it wasn’t their job to deal with it anyway. When asked if it could be defined as a disturbance of the peace or a public nuisance, they said they didn’t know and would take no further action.

Does anyone else in Brooklyn hear this sound? Can citizens “bite back?”—MEGHANN MARCO

Something Loud and Annoying This Way Comes [via Brooklyn Record]

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