WaMu's Support System Is Really Pathetic

Looks like even if WaMu’s Consumer Lending Department isn’t closed, they still have no clue what they’re doing. After La Boy transferred money from his Bank of America Account to his WaMu, he was essentially accused of trying to steal from himself. It took numerous calls to Washington Mutual to get it resolved, and most reps were more interested in passing the buck than resolving the issue.

    “You know, some people say they don’t have time for this shit, but I REALLY don’t have time for this shit. I work from 9 AM to midnight and in that time period I’m already dealing with perverts hitting my car, poorly designed parking garages, and LA traffic that means a “quick” trip to the bank can take an hour.”

Hey WaMu, your support system is broke. Fix it. It’s really a shame, because you’re a pretty good bank otherwise. — BEN POPKEN

No good, very bad evening [la boy] (Thanks to Agnes!)

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