Generics Aren't Always That Much Cheaper

Generics meds are supposed to be a cheaper alternative to name-brand drugs, but a recent Wall Street Journal found that there wasn’t as much difference as you might think. — BEN POPKEN

Why Generic Doesn’t Always Mean Cheap [WSJ via Freakonomics via BoingBoing]

UPDATE: Stephen Dubner writes to prod our eyes towards what’s really stunning, that the price difference between Walgreens and the Costco pharmacy can be up to 1000%. His post suggests this is because the standard Walgreens, Eckerd and CVS prescription shoppers (i.e. old people) are entrenched in their ways and not exercising consumer choice.

But another factor is that CVS, Walgreens and Eckerd don’t have plasma TVs to make up for the cheap drugs. At prices like $12 and $15, you could consider the pills considered loss leaders. What big ticket item are you going to pick up at Walgreens on a whim, a singing and dancing Santa Claus?

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