Complete CompUSA Closeout List

HW Blog says they’ve got a copy of the complete list of “savings” to be had at the closeout CompUSAs.

The best deals are on computer cables, at 30% off, and on mp3 and satellite radio accessories, and DVDs, all at 20% off.

Slim pickin’s! — BEN POPKEN

Complete CompUSA closing stores savings list [HW Blog]


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  1. Coder4Life says:

    Sad to say but those are not deals. 10% of computer bags, they have like 60% markups on those.

    5% of computers, wow… markups like 10%, and normally with rebates & sales they are like 25% off.

    This sale is for suckers..

  2. Cap'n Jack says:

    “Notebooks and desktop computers: 5% (plus possible manufacturer rebates)”

    Hey, wasn’t there a Consumerist article stating that they would NOT be honoring rebates in the stores that were closing?

    Also… 5%? Jeez, don’t hurt yourself, CompUSA. That is the lousiest discount I’ve ever heard of. Especially since the products are marked up by 25%-50%. And 30% off cables… did you know that a $30 printer cable actually costs them $4?

    No, this is not a good closeout sale, no deals to be had here. Check ebay or craigslist maybe?

  3. scoobydoo says:

    This list is only for some of the stores, I know for a fact that not all stores are on the same schedule. The ONLY way to know what your store is doing is to go and visit them. There ARE good deals to be found, but you really have to go there once a week and keep your eyes open. Good deals can be found on GPS units, Slingboxes, cellphones and iPod accessories. Bad deals are in PC’s, mp3 players, printers and projectors.

    The other thing is that the stores “froze” their prices when they went into liquidation mode, so some of them are offering the % off on the price that the product had on that day (feb 28th), so even if it was on sale it is still on sale + % off. For example: one store here has been closing for weeks now, selling a Nikon camera for $369 – 20% (liquidation discount), but the other store just 10 miles away had the camera on sale the day they were handed to the liquidator, and that same camera was $299 – 20% off.

    Keep an eye open for open box stuff, or boxes with broken seals as some of the staff seem to be helping themselves to a little going away present, and their policy of no returns is about as final as it gets. If you leave the store and discover you purchased a $400 brick, you are pretty much up shit creek.

    Towards the end of the liquidation you can really pick up some hot deals, software becomes 50% off (Vista, Final Cut Pro studio), Cellphones are 50%, iPod accessories are 60%, harddisks are 40% (making them even cheaper than places like Fry’s) and notebook accessories are 60% off.

    Be aware for liquidator tricks; sometimes they’ll shovel in new inventory through the back, I’ve been to a store selling stuff they must have found at a dollar store and was never sold at any CompUSA. That store spent 4 months “closing”, bringing in more and more crap every month.

    If you plan to shop to make money, bring a PDA and check froogle online to be sure you are not getting the CompUSA treatment where they jacked up their prices before lowering them. When something is overpriced to begin with, a 20% discount won’t help much, but I’ve seen plenty of people in a frenzy to spend spend spend, leaving with nothing remotely close to a good deal. Also; be careful with rebates, verify with the manufacturer if the rebate is going to be valid, and don’t buy anything with a compusa rebate since they don’t honor those from closing stores.

    My rule of thumb is that nothing they sell is a deal till it reaches the >30% off mark.

  4. homerjay says:

    This might just be one of those perpetual ‘going out of business’ sales that you’d typically see from a furniture or jewelry store with huge “GOING OUT OF BUSINESS” signs all over the place but never actually going out of business.

    Technically every company is going out of business… eventually.

  5. revmatty says:

    I went to our local store. Looks like they shipped all the high ticket items (except floor samples) to stores staying opened and had all the returned merch from all stores sent to the closing stores to be dumped (remember: all sales final). Most of the boxes on the shelves looked like they’d been resealed by semi-trained monkeys with epilepsy.

    It’s been a while since I’ve been there, so I don’t recall specific prices from before the ‘fire sale’ but they shelf tags all looked suspiciously new and prices a little high. Did they markup in order to ‘mark down’? Blank media in particular was more expensive than Wal-Mart across the street for the exact same sku. Even after the discount.

  6. mantari says:

    Yes. These closeout specialty companies will start at a very low rate and slowly… I do mean slowly… work their way up to 80% or so. But by that time, you can bet that just about anything worthwhile is long gone.

    Note that around the 40 to 60% mark, they’ll have minimum wage temp workings holding massive and bridge SALE – 60% OFF!!! signs at the closest major intersection(s).

    I live less than a mile from a major shopping district in my area, so I get to see these types of closeout companies do business from time to time.

  7. fishfucerk says:

    these sales are “great” for the not-so-savvy consumer, because they think they are getting a steal — “wow! i usually pay full price for this! now i’m getting it at 20% off! AWESOME BARGAIN”.

    The rest of us that know better aren’t going to get any “good” deals because the suckers that don’t are busy buying up the crap deals before the markdowns get large enough.

    there are usually good deals on things that either a) aren’t attractive to your average consumer (100 foot spools of ethernet, etc) or b) are accessories and not attractive to anyone (another dumb ipod ‘skin’).

    I spent a couple weeks going to a CompUSA out in the boonies during the first round of closings, and it took months to get to the point where they had a reasonable markdown from CompUSA prices (70%), and by then they had jack left.

  8. Mogbert says:

    The only thing that would be safe to get would be the cables, and those you can get ALOT lower then 30% off just about anywhere else.

  9. whydidnt says:

    Last weekend, I was in a MN CompUSA store that is closing. By far the best deal was on Cellphones. They were 30% off with NO contract requirement. Still locked to the provider. I tried to buy a BlackJack but, they were sold out. Saw someone walk away with a TMobile Dash, though. Great way to upgrade without having to re-up with your cell provider.