How A Quiznos Owner Shot Himself 3 Times In The Chest

In a post Friday, we mentioned a recent NYT article about Quiznos franchise owners suing the parent company for oppressive business practices. The piece mentioned Bhupinder Baber, a franchise owner who sued the company for opening new location too close to his own and Quiznos responded by terminating his franchises.

Bhupinder’s suicide note [PDF] said, “”Quiznos has killed me. Destroyed my life. Destroyed my family life for the past seven years.”

This note was found on his body after he walked into a Quiznos bathroom in LA and shot himself three times in the chest.

We, like some of the readers, wondered how the shots were physically possible.

One of our readers, a former 7-11 owner himself, IM’d us to shed some light…

clokergod: I just read that post about Quiznos. I read the suicide thing a few days back, but how the hell do you shoot yourself 3 times in the chest?
benpopken: Not very carefully
clokergod: In a business like this one, I know from owning a 7-eleven at one time, lemme tell you, you don’t really make money on anything but coffee since they heightened the prices of cigarettes
clokergod: You make a pot of coffee that costs exactly 5-10 cents to make, you sell 3-4 20 oz. cups for 1.20, that’s where your profit is
clokergod: Once a store does something like make you buy their coffee beans at something like 40% more than you could get off the market, for the same coffee, then they send in auditors each month at a random time, that get the counts of cigarettes wrong, time and time again, and fine you like 11 grand until you correct the count, the stress and bullshit adds up
clokergod: Thats how a poor bastard gets the strength to shoot himself in the chest 3 times, he wants to MAKE SURE it’s over