UPS Breaks Package, Won't Reimburse Shipping Charges

UPS smashed a gift package containing wine Ryan sent to his father-in-law-to-be, but won’t reimburse Ryan for the shipping charges. We instinctively fear fathers-in-law, especially the ‘to-be’ variety. Like throwing salmon to a bear, Ryan’s gift package, worth about $100, contained fine chocolate, wine, and a leather wine holder. Ryan prominently labeled the package “FRAGILE” before shipping.

About a week after Christmas I receive a call from the manager of the UPS store informing me that my package was destroyed along with the “cider” inside (they decided it was no longer wine at some point). The manager (in very very broken English) requested me to come in bearing receipts for the products or advertisements for items close there to

Ryan brought in his advertisements and told them that they shipped wine, not cider. UPS adamantly declared “this store does not and will not ship wine.” That would be nice, expect they did ship wine. They broke it, too.

UPS’ reimbursement offer, inside…

UPS offered to reimburse Ryan for the gift package, minus the wine, tax and shipping. Shipping? They broke the package and won’t reimburse for shipping?

Ryan’s email, below.

About a week prior to Christmas I shipped a package to my soon to be father in law through a UPS “Store” (some franchised deal, formally a Mail Boxes etc.). It contained fine chocolate, wine, and a leather holder for the wine. In total the value of the package was roughly a hundred dollars + state sales tax for the items (%8.8). Then of course there was the $20 some in shipping fees. On the packing slip I wrote down what was in the box checked all the “fragile boxes” etc… etc… About a week after Christmas I receive a call from the manager of the UPS store informing me that my package was destroyed along with the “cider” inside (they decided it was no longer wine at some point). The manager (in very very broken English) requested me to come in bearing receipts for the products or advertisements for items close there to… I no longer have receipts so I print out some ads for the products. I got down to the store and turn them in to the manager and she tells me to expect a phone call in about two weeks on the “verdict” of whether I would be reimbursed on my destroyed items or not. I also explained that this was wine note cider. Then she decided to barrage me with “this store does not and will not ship wine” and sentiments similar there too. She also thought it important to tell me how much trouble the employee would get in for shipping wine (it seemed like some sort of guilt trip). I told her I don’t care if they do or don’t ship wine, they did ship wine and I expect reimbursement for it (they could have told me at the time but they didn’t).

I did explain that I expect tax and shipping cost to be reimbursed as well, then she nodded her head in a glazed over I’m to busy to deal with anything more look.

So I just received a call (moments ago) from the manager that I will be reimbursed for everything except the wine… They are also not planning on reimbursing me for tax or shipping cost. All told after I get the check I’ll still be out about $70. The only answer from the manager is if I would like anything else to be done I would have to speak with UPS customer service and not there branch…

Personally I’m ticked… oh and the topper, UPS (possibly the UPS store) decided to ship me back a re-packaged box of broken glass (no box of chocolates inside…) and reeking of wine.

Just in case anyone is curious, I don’t recall the managers name but she’s a snooty lady with a really thick accent.
UPS Store
4742 42nd Ave SW
Seattle, WA 98116
Phone(206) 933-8038
Fax (206) 933-8075

Repackaged broken glass reeking of wine? Surely UPS can do better. — CAREY GREENBERG-BERGER


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  1. DeeJayQueue says:

    problem is, UPS isn’t allowed to ship wine across state lines. It’s against all kinds of laws. It sucks but the people at the UPS store are probably trying to just cover their butts by not refunding the money, because then they’d have to admit that they broke the rules in the first place.

  2. ConstantCupcake says:

    A year and a half ago UPS shipped my computer and broke it. Despite being in the original packaging that Macintosh sent to me and having an agent check the packaging before it was mailed for exactly this reason they claimed it was inproperly packaged. Furthur more they LOST completely a package in that shipment. They refused to pay for either and after a year of arguing and headaches I gave up. I now tell everyone I know not to use UPS.

  3. mad_oak says:

    Thank god those “No Ship” rules don’t apply to kilo packages of heroin!!!!

  4. zuvembi says:


    Actually UPS can ship across state lines. USPS will not.


    Alcoholic Beverages
    The only alcoholic beverages that UPS accepts for transportation are wine and beer. Packages containing wine and beer are accepted for transportation only from shippers who are licensed and authorized under applicable laws to ship alcoholic beverages and only on a contractual basis. To receive service for packages containing wine or beer, the shipper must sign a contract and agree to the provisions set forth in the applicable approved UPS agreement for the transportation of wine or beer. The shipment of wine or beer requires the use of Delivery Confirmation Adult Signature Required service and the shipper must apply the Special Delivery Instructions label to each package. For all U.S. inbound import shipments containing wine or beer, the consignee must be licensed and authorized to receive wine or beer. It is the responsibility of the shipper to ensure that a package tendered to UPS does not violate any federal, state, provincial or local laws or regulations applicable to the package.

  5. Anthropomorphic-Personification says:

    I worked for a winery in Pennsylvania. Grant you our liquor laws are more strict than a lot of places, but as a winery we were only allowed to ship wine by the case within the state of PA, via Fed Ex. There are laws prohibiting the mailing of alcohol. USPS and UPS won’t ship alcohol. Most people label it as “vinegar” to get away with it in case it does break. Every state is different in how it treats the shipping of alcohol. In some, it is a felony. In most, you must be a winery to ship wine. The Wine Institute has a great map of shipping laws on its site. (

  6. I immediately thought of this.

  7. WindowSeat says:

    I get wine shipped UPS all the time.

  8. mateo60 says:

    Yep, no wine. They’re not allowed to ship it across state lines. They generally have a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy.

    It still sucks. But it’s not UPS’s fault. I’m sure they’d love to openly ship alcohol and support their customers who do so.

  9. FishingCrue says:

    Take them to small claims court and effectuate personal service on an employee at the UPS store. After they fail to respond, move for a clerk’s default and set a hearing on damages. If they forward it to their GC, I’m pretty sure you’ll get a settlement offer as any litigation has to be reported to their external auditors and they want to clear simple matters up.

  10. bluebuilder says:

    Yeah they do ship wine. I also get wine shipped via UPS.

    They are bullshitting you, nail to the wall brother!

  11. RomeoPapaDelta says:

    Why isn’t Ace Ventura pictured?

  12. bluebuilder says:

    @RomeoPapaDelta: totally appropriate!!!!

    I never use UPS, they freaken blow.

  13. Scuba Steve says:

    They ship wine from authorized sellers. You know, people who know how to provide correct labeling and insulation so that the packages don’t get broken.

  14. McWatt says:

    I worked for UPS as a loader for a semester during college (1996?). We would literally throw over 50% of the packages in order to keep up with the flow coming off the belts (boss’ orders). Stuff would break all the time. We would even get Polaroids back from the Ohio plant our packages went to begging us to do better jobs. Our belt manager didn’t seem to care…just so long as his belt flowed smoothly and he looked good. Anyway, I read the consumerist often and I’ve always been surprised that there haven’t been more complaints about UPS and their shoddy treatments of packages. Maybe our belt was the exception (but if it was wouldn’t it get fixed immediately?). I figured that they were willing to accept a certain amount of loss in order to keep the packages flowing. When I read that they repackaged the broken glass, it reminded me of why I have never shipped anything through UPS since.

  15. forgeten says:

    you are allowed to ship wine across state lines , some states don’t allow it. I believe there was a federal law that prevented it but it was repealed and the state handles it now. Now ups might not allow you to ship wine with their service , that I don’t know.

  16. bloodr says:

    There’s a reason why my friend calls UPS United Package Smashers. FishingCure has the right idea, as they are trying to CYA on the wine issue.

    From what I understand, UPS stores are also franchise operated so you might want to check up on that area before suing in small claims.

    Shame on the consumer for not even getting a name. “a snooty lady with a really thick accent” does not constitute good consumerism in my book. Nor does not keeping receipts. Makes me wonder if there is more to this than we are being told.

  17. ConstantCupcake says:

    I won’t ship with them anymore. And I tell all my friends not to ship with them. I mailed a few boxes to myself when I moved and one they completely lost and the other that contained my computer they broke. The computer was shipped in its original box from Macintosh, with all the original inserts, you know the boxes they ship computers in every day without them breaking. On top of that I had had an agent from UPS come and confirm that it was properly packaged. However they claim now it was improperly packaged and have no record of that agent coming to my home before pickup. After a year of arguing and headaches I gave up, but I’m still out a thousand dollars. ARG!

  18. Rajio says:

    “UPS smashed a gift package containing Ryan sent to his father-in-law to-be”

    wait…what? Ryan was contained in a package which was smashed by UPS? poor Ryan, that must have hurt!

  19. blakemarkus says:

    Fishing Crue has it right with small claims court. If you were sending wine, marked it as so, and they shipped it anyway, it would void their “no wine” policy. Also, you could get full damages, plus maybe some punitive if you got the right judge. And since it was in their posesession the entire time, you don’t even have to prove who it was that smashed it, only that they had possession the entire time, and it showed up smashed (Res Ipsa Loquitor). Anything that happened to it in their possession would be their fault.
    That’s just my suggestion though.

  20. fedexkinkosmanager says:

    I’m curious to know who packed the shipment, The UPS Store or Ryan? I find most people underestimate how much packing material is actually required to safely ship a package. Frankly, marking a box fragile does absolutely nothing to affect how its treated. Delivery systems such as Fedex’s and UPS routinely handle millions of packages daily, and rarely is there time for reading stickers on boxes. Packaging guides available on both Fedex and UPS websites have guidelines on how to properly pack your shipment to avoid damage. Or better yet, let the store do it (Kinkos and The UPS Store will both package your shipment for you professionally).

    Fedex Kinkos Manager

  21. DeeJayQueue says:

    @zuvembi: “Packages containing wine and beer are accepted for transportation only from shippers who are licensed and authorized under applicable laws to ship alcoholic beverages and only on a contractual basis.”

    So, if you have a license to sell and ship alcohol and you sign a contract with UPS, then they’ll ship it. I don’t think this guy had either.

  22. Ticonderoga says:

    This is what small claims court is for. As long as you can document and try to resolve the issue before filing, go for it. You are not expected to be an attorney.

    The odds are they will not come to court for such a small amount.

    If you win, the courts, in my state at least, automatically add filing fees, etc. A little know possibility is that, although you can not sue for anything other than actual damages, you can include the time you were forced to spend as part of the damages provided you give yourself a reasonable rate.

  23. natemc says:

    You have to have a license to ship wine across state lines.

    I know FedEx won’t ship it.

    I think the problem here might be that The UPS Store (Mail Boxes Etc.) didn’t break your package or at least it sounds like it was broken while in Transport, and the UPS store isn’t owned by UPS and why they would be fighting the full reimbursement.

    Take it up with UPS proper, you might have a better time dealing with it since they are the entity that broke your package.

    Also, labeling something fragile makes it a target for someone to drop kick. If you’re going to ship something make sure it would withstand a drop from 10 feet rapidly, if it wouldn’t, then don’t ship it.

  24. XopherMV says:

    The author said the manager spoke in broken English. Is the manager from a Muslim country? I ask because Muslims are very strict about not handling alcoholic beverages. They would not want to admit nor refund your wine just because it’s alcohol.

  25. skinny2 says:

    I used to work in management for another shipping company (not UPS, yes that other one!) and insurance is about half a joke especially for individuals that use a forwarder (UPS Store, Kinkos, etc.). If you pay the store to package the items, you have much better luck but they charge an arm and a leg so not much better. All they have to do is state that you didn’t package the items properly (you’ll have to fight that one…) and you’re SOL.

    UPS Stores are all independently owned franchises. The Franchisor is actually Mail Boxes, Etc., which is owned by UPS….

  26. Rajio says:

    XopherMV, you’re a maroon.

  27. Optimistic Prime says:

    @: My question would be is it from a licensed vendor. If not, you’re receiving illegal shipments. You’re getting away with it because nobody at UPS has noticed. It’s amazing how many illicit goods are shipped at any given moment through UPS, FedEx, etc.

  28. stavs says:

    Who packed the package originally? If it was the customer, then its purely his fault, as accidents do happen. These things take a minimum 5 foot drop on a conveyer belt..a g=fragile sticker does no good. Also, as many have mentioned, you need to be a lisenced shipper for alcohol and wine-clearly this guy is not. Stop crying and hold yourself accountable.

  29. 44 in a Row says:

    “The shipment of wine or beer requires the use of Delivery Confirmation Adult Signature Required service and the shipper must apply the Special Delivery Instructions label to each package.”

    This is another pretty important rule for shipping wine by UPS, and considering that it costs extra, I wouldn’t be surprised if this person didn’t use it. DC-Adult means that the person receiving it has to be 21 and show ID to that effect; it’s a hassle, but part of their rules.

  30. Boss Sauce says:

    First, writing “FRAGILE” on the box does not do anything. Second, since Ryan certainly agreed at some point that there was no alcohol in the shipment (contents list didn’t include “wine” did it?), he should be happy to get anything back from UPS. Third, I ship and receive packages with UPS pretty frequently, and they do beat up packages a lot, but they get there. Fourth, Ryan’s attitude seems pretty crappy.

    I think he packed stuff poorly, disregarded the rules, and expected UPS to baby his “FRAGILE” package. Please.

  31. Tallanvor says:

    @Rajio: Actually, XopherMV has a very good point. Look at the controversy that has, and is still going on in Minnesota concerning Muslim cab drivers who are refusing to transport passengers who are carrying alcohol. –It’s a huge problem for people arriving at MSP.

    Xopher’s thought may or may not be correct, but there are reasons to consider the possibility.

  32. krunk4ever says:

    I was curious if you ever tried customer service. I had shipped something via UPS through Office Depot and the package did arrive at the destination, but the receiver said the box was empty. This was for an HDD RMA.

    I contacted UPS via phone and they told me that I had to go through Office Depot to claim the insurance since on their bill, Office Depot is the shipper, and not me. I drop by Office Depot and they told me they’ll investigate. Meanwhile, I should fax in a copy of my receipt or something showing the price of the item I shipped. Since I no longer had a receipt, I went to Western Digital’s site and printed out the product page of the item I was trying to RMA. I had only opt for the free $100 insurance, so that was the only amount I’d get up to.

    A few days later, I get a call from Office Depot and they tell me to come in pick up my money. I drop by and they handed me an unmarked envelop of $106.78 (or somewhere around there). $100 for the insurance claim and $6.78 for the shipping. I wasn’t even expecting the shipping to be returned, so that was neat.

    //krunk (^_^x)

  33. hop says:

    ups drops the packages off on our front steps even if we are not home ……we returned home from one trip to find a $1500 amateur radio that i had ordered just sitting on the front steps…..

  34. deltasleep says:

    I have worked for UPS processing damaged, poorly addressed, and undeliverable packages for nearly 5 years.
    There are some big problems with this case:
    1) You can’t ship alcohol of any kinds through UPS unless you are an authorized shipper. If you are an authorized shipper, you’ll know. This is CLEARLY noted in the signage at every UPS shipping facility I have ever been to. Shipment of alcohol carries stiff penalties and is highly regulated. Your friend here is lucky he was not sued by UPS for falsely representing what was in the package, shipping contraband, causing a fine, etc.

    2) It is not UPS policy to return items that it was illegal to ship in the first place. Broken glass is a semi-hazardous material and should not have been returned. These items are supposed to be junked.

    Here’s the sort of things I have to check off on the website I file damages with:
    Was there 2″ of packing material on all sides of the package?
    Was the package adequately taped?
    The thickness and burst strength of the cardboard.
    Was there padding inbetween fragile objects?

    In general, what I tell customers is: If you don’t feel comfortable dropping a package from about shoulder height onto a hard floor, its not ready to be shipped by anyone.

  35. Hoss says:

    Whiner! Whiner!

  36. dantsea says:

    From what was quoted previously:

    The only alcoholic beverages that UPS accepts for transportation are wine and beer. Packages containing wine and beer are accepted for transportation only from shippers who are licensed and authorized under applicable laws to ship alcoholic beverages and only on a contractual basis.

    Ryan is likely neither licensed nor authorized to ship booze across state lines, and likely doesn’t have a contract ongoing with UPS to do so. It sounds like his primary complaint is that someone with an accent told him no.

    Perhaps the store should have done a better job of explaining the terms to him, or perhaps they did and he’s having a tantrum because he didn’t get what he wanted.

  37. NeoteriX says:

    Meh. What does broken English have anything to do with it?

  38. Antediluvian says:

    No one has yet mentioned his request for sales tax reimbursement. I have never seen a shipper (or any other outfit that would be reimbursing for the cost of goods) include sales tax in the refund. Doesn’t mean it won’t happen, just that it’s part of the “cost” of buying the item, but not the item’s “value.”

    The “value” is what’s insured and what a claimant is likely to receive (unless you’ve got “replacement cost” coverage, and I doubt UPS offers that on small-ticket items).

    It makes sense if you think about it this way:
    I own a valuable collectible doodad which I purchased 15 years ago for $1.00, but it’s now worth $500.
    Do I insure it for its cost ($1) or its value ($500)?
    Same deal if it cost $100, but now it’s a used doodad (and the doodad market tanked), only worth $5.

    Why should Ryan expect anything different?

    Now, I would expect the shipping charges to be refunded since the service wasn’t rendered.

    And as someone who lives in a state that prohibits the shipping of wine under nearly all circumstances, I knew right away that UPS wouldn’t allow it to be shipped before I even saw the quoted language confirming that. My friends in NH can receive wine shipments*, which could come in handy.

    *I assume the wine must be lawfully shipped. The only ones I know they’ve gotten have come directly from wineries which promote the fact that they ship. The difference in this case it while Mass. prevents you from receiving wine, NH doesn’t.

  39. North Antara says:

    Ryan, – Michael L. Eskew – Chairman and Chief Executive Officer – James Kelly – Former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer


  40. suckonthat says:

    Taking the story based on what is posted here, it looks like Ryan listed that wine was in the boxes he was shipping (“On the packing slip I wrote down what was in the box…”). If that is the case, is UPS liable? Assuming, he explicitly told them that wine was in the boxes and I guess no one at the store noticed, so whose fault is it?

  41. mconfoy says:

    Speaking of sales tax, was his father in-law ready to pay that in his state? That is what is required. On the person that complained about UPS just dropping off a $1500 package — that has nothing to due with UPS. Shipper could have asked for signature to be required. Given how much UPS is worth as a company, I tend to believe, and in my experience they do, get it right most of the time.

  42. infinitysnake says:

    I used to be a fan of the UPS store, but on my last visit, I asked for a piece of tape to affix a pre-printed label, and they asked for three bucks. I don’t know where to go now that they’ve made me mad, though, because our usps branch is just not an option.

  43. voodoodle says:

    okay, ryan should have had a license, but once the store accepted it, aren’t they liable?

    i mean, it seems like UPS took the package, said they’d deliver it, broke it, and now they’re claiming they never should have touched it in the first place so they don’t owe ryan squat?

    I think it’s a little late for UPS to blame the customer. Just give Ryan his refund and make sure not to accept wine from anybody else.

  44. Matthew says:

    This sucks, but it seems like the $70 refund is probably pretty fair. Parcels are going to get tossed around en route to where they’re going, no matter what you write on the box, so it really is important to pack them accordingly. I’m highly paranoid about shipping damage, and I always package my stuff real careful-like so as to make it as gorilla-proof as possible.

    And I understand Ryan’s upset, but someone who spells like he does shouldn’t give other people too hard a time for “broken English.”

  45. ConstantCupcake says:

    Requiring a signature isn’t always the answer. On things like computers the box can be dropped and no visible damage can occur but the computer is still broken. Do you really except the UPS guy to stand around while the receiving party looks through the box and sets everything up. Furthur more it’s not about them getting it right or wrong any percentage of the time. One would hope you’re right and that for a company of that size they would get it right a majority of the time. The question is how they handle it when they do get it wrong, and the answer is poorly. A company that big should be able to handle their faults. And the burden of doubt should be placed on them as they have the superior knowledge and resources as compared to most of their customers.

  46. ConstantCupcake says:

    I’m not sure what Ryan’s spelling has to do with anything. The customer service rep has a job that requires him to communicate clearly with English speaking customers on a regular basis. Ryan does not. UPS should treat their customers who can’t speak english or have bad typing with the same respect as anyone else. Saying that Ryan can’t critize a customer service rep for poor communication skills when he himself can’t communicate well is like critizing a doctor for poor surgery skills because the patient can’t perform surgery properly.

  47. xDillingerx says:

    Questions to Ryan:

    I work at a UPS store and would just like to clarify a few things not mentioned in this article. Did the store pack the box for you or did you pack it yourself? If they packed it for you the store is automatically liable and you have a right to be upset. Also if they packed it for you and could clearly see it was wine they broke the law, as we are no longer allowed to ship alcohol or any other so called “hazardous” materials. Now, if you packed it yourself, did they ask you if the contents were well packed? The first things we ask is are the contents fragile and if so how were they packed. We basically flat out tell them it should be able to withstand a 4-5 foot fall and survive. If they did not ask you that now theres a chance they could be held liable. Even if that were the case if you were the one that packed it its your responsibility to pack your stuff correctly, not UPS. Just sticking a fragile sticker on the box doesn’t cut it.

  48. puka_pai says:

    @mconfoy: On the person that complained about UPS just dropping off a $1500 package — that has nothing to due with UPS. Shipper could have asked for signature to be required.

    My shipper did at Christmas, though it did no good. UPS still dropped my new Tivo and stereo receiver on my front porch when nobody was home, in spite of the request. Good thing we have honest neighbors.

  49. thatlukeguy says:

    This is my first post at Consumerist, so I hope it’s helpfull. I’ve worked in a UPS store for over 4 years (and at a Mail Boxes Etc.. for 2 years, before they turned into UPS Stores). I was basically the guy at the counter processing your order, and after I was experienced enough I also became the guy in the back packing your stuff. From whatever experience I’ve gotten working there, allow me please to put my 2 cents in:

    1. UPS is not allowed to ship alcohol for you unless you are licensed to ship it yourself. What does this mean in practice? If you bring me a box of alcohol and it’s sealed up very well and doesn’t rattle, in general I won’t inspect the contents, and I will only take your word for what’s inside. Sometimes I won’t even ask. If you packaged it, you, not the UPS Store is responsible for everything that goes with it shipping this thing. If I *do* open it for whatever reason, you are instatly told you cannot ship it with us. If you managed to ship it through us and we don’t know it’s alcohol, if it breaks then you will not get any money back for anything because you (knowingly or not) broke our rules. Guys, maybe this is a sucky policy but in the end if you aren’t sure about something, ask first.

    2. We are taught at the store how to pack things safely because if you pay the big bucks for us to pack your china / dishes and they break, the UPS Store pays for the claim out of its own pocket (UPS holds the franchised UPS Stores to the same rules as any other customer). So I was taught that first you bubble wrap the heck out of the fragile items so that if you *lightly* tap them on the counter you cannot hear a hard-sound anywhere, and from any angle. Then you *float* the items in styro-popcorn so that there is 2-inches from the box-wall to any item, and also 2-inches of styro between any items themselves. Often we will double-box the shippment (the main box is floated in styro-popcorn into an even bigger box with 2 inches of spacing all around: that’s why it costs so much to have fragile items packaged at UPS Stores). Basically this minimizes the chance that the items will break from contact with each other or the outside world. You end up with a box you can roll around like a ball and the stuff inside is safe. I’ve never had anything other than some ultra-fragile sea-coral break on me in 6 years of working at these stores by packing this way. And then we stopped shipping sea-coral :P If stuff broke it was either that they mashed it with a forklift or something, or it was customer-packed and improperly at that.

    3. I went through over 5 managers while working at the store. Each had a very different style. One was a hippie and let us be nice to customers, not do that stupid “charge for tape” stuff. Another was a hardcore jerk and instituted draconian rules and made all the employees follow them to the letter, whether they liked it or not. I’ve been through an alcoholic manager who quit the week before Xmas (if you do any shipping at the UPS Store you’ll understand what horror this meant for us *grunt* employees), and through one who quit on a saturday with a “no-call, no-show”. So although I’m certain some of you have had really crappy experiences at the UPS Store, I know others have had equally good ones. It really depends on who’s running the show at the time. I’ve been through it all.

    I could go on forever, hopefully this wasn’t too long a post. If anyone has any questions about the UPS Store, please go ahead and post them, I’ll answer anything I truly know information about.

    Hope that helps :)

  50. matt125 says:

    United Parcel Service, Inc. – UPS Global Shipping
    Michael L. Eskew – Chairman and CEO
    55 Glenlake Parkway, NE
    Atlanta, GA 30328
    Phone: 404-828-6000
    Toll-free: 800-742-5877
    Fax: 404-828-6562
    website link

    call the 404 # it will get you to a live person.

    and yes the supervisors all all about #’s. they want the lables to be up so you “clients” can see were ur package is.

  51. Jason-Ryan-Isaksen says:

    I have a friend at UPS and whenever they saw something marked “fragile” they would toss it as far as possible to see how fragile it was. I only use Fedex since things get their in one piece. Of course if you ship anything like a wine bottle, you better be sure to double box it with packing peanuts to ensure it can take a 10 foot drop. Most things that aren’t double boxed will get rejected from a UPS claim center no matter how much insurance you have on it, they will say it’s not packaged properly and hence, not covered. Fold the packing costs into whatever you’re shipping to protect yourself from the insane hassle of dealing with them in the first place. Packing insurance at carriers like UPS are mainly if they lose it, if it’s damaged they are gonna say it’s not properly protected with at least 2 inches of foam on all sides. Basically you have to package it so it can’t be damaged or they will claim it’s your fault.

  52. Bourque77 says:

    I worked at ups we shipped wine all the time. I even saw a jug of crown royal come through there one time. Also working for ups most of the employees who handle your package hate ups and dont really care if they break it or not. Putting fragile on the box really doesnt mean anything. Even if you do tear up some package while you are working they will just send it to another part of the building and tell you to keep working. I dont know how they shipped him the broken wine bottle because everyone I ever saw they just repacked everthing in another box that wasnt broken and sent it on its way.

  53. falconree says:

    I nearly browned myself when I saw this article while surfing around your site.
    (I have not read the article nor comments (yet) in their entirety, was anxious to jump in and will get back to this later as time permits)

    I too, used to work for UPS. I gave them 2wks notice, (and fulfilled that time) after only working there 2months and 1week.

    I will be happy to post my utter disgust with the company; but alas, I was just about to head out the door for important errands….

    Suffice (for now) to say, I will NEVER spend my hard earned money with UPS now that I know the deceit behind the scenes AND to top it off, I am happy to advise any others to not put their money into UPS.

    Sure, there’s caca all over in the behind, behind the scenes at all companies, it just happens.

    But I have had the blessed experience working for another world-wide, multi-million dollar company and was never dissappointed with their personnel. I have seen excellent human resources and excellent customer service at work and now, I have seen the crap-o-the-brown.

    It was so distasteful, I have made many notes to myself to pen a book one day….I have the title….

    Ah, to vent even just that snippet felt good.
    Thanx for your time.