Consumerist In NYT For Cellphone Plan Escape Tricks

Cellphone companies will probably receive an increased number of customers dying, joining the military, and moving to remote parts of America after this morning’s article, “Getting Out of a 2-Year Cellphone Contract Alive.”The piece featured one of our readers, Liza Tremblay, who said she escaped Verizon contract after reading some intel on The Consumerist.

We enjoy how cagey the cellphone spokespersons quoted in the article were. You can practically see them squirm.

This is Liza’s story as it originally ran on The Consumerist: Verizon Makes Customers Fax In Old Contract To Cancel Service Without Termination Fee

She followed the information in this post: Script For Escaping Verizon Contracts Without Fee, Based On Text Message Rate Raises.

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Cingular Arbitration Escape Script Addendum
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