Thrifty Reader Tip Roundup

Readers submitted their tips for saving and making a small amount of money in the comments on “30 Ways To Save A Dollar Day (Or More).” We enjoyed them so much brought them out for all to see and benefit.

• Bag your lunch.
• Bring your own coffee/tea to work.
• No central heating? Bulk up on blankets and warm clothing.
• Using a debit card instead of cash can cut down on impulse buying. It also gives you a record to look at later.
• Turn off your computer at night.
• Find odd jobs on craigslist.
• Tear dryer sheets in two and only use a half per load.
• Drink tap water instead of bottled.
• Cut old pantyhose or trouser socks into rings, then snip into ties for stalking plants in the garden.
• Use teabags twice.
• For a good meal, buy an inexpensive roast from the grocer. Combine with cheap rice from a tube and baby carrots from a bag and you can feed four for $14.
• Shopping with a grocery list reduces impulse buying and cuts cost.
• Cook at home instead of eating out.
• Unplug your cellphone charger when not in use.
• Sell stuff you don’t need on Craigslist.
• Before buying something, post a wanted on freecycle.
• Grow your own basil.

What excellent suggestions. We’ve been making meals at home more often lately and it’s really easy and enjoyable. Last night we picked up some fresh fish from the store, threw it on the grill pan (gotta love the grill pan), boiled up some pasta and broccoli, chopped up a big fresh tomato. Easy, quick, healthy, tasty and cheap. — BEN POPKEN

(Photo: zieak)

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