5 Ways To Find Cheap Gas

Life Clever has five different ways to find cheap gas fast: Desktop widgets, websites, text-messaging services, mobile web browser and GPS.

They recommend these two desktop widgets: Gas (Mac) GasWatch (PC)

And this website: GasBuddy

After dipping down in time for the elections, gas prices are going back up past three bucks. Tools like these will help blunt the blow to the wallet. — BEN POPKEN

5 ways to instantly find cheap gas [Life Clever via Lifehacker]
(Photo: Ben Popken)


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  1. adamondi says:

    After dipping down in time for the elections, gas prices are going back up past three bucks.

    I was filling my tank recently when a guy was going around to all of the people around him talking about how the gas prices magically went down just for the elections and are now going back up because of some huge conspiracy. Ben, I really hope that you don’t also subscribe to this ridiculous theory.

  2. Ben Popken says:

    @adamondi: Not really, it’s just fun to say.

  3. Terminixsux says:

    I don’t believe in these conspiracy theories either, but it is remarkable how that happened, isn’t it? I guess the best solution if you can manage it is to drive less. For those who really depend on their cars, you’re basically screwed.

  4. adamondi says:

    @Ben Popken: Oh, good. The really scary thing is that there are several people in my office that wholeheartedly believe in those sorts of conspiracies.

  5. daze says:

    now i can find ways to save 3 cents off my normal $3.05/gallon in los angeles.

  6. capitalass says:

    I vote for cheap gas…and global warming. We had the best January in New York ever. I think what actually happened was that the gas prices were reduced for the elections so that people would use more gas, further depleting the ozone layer and allowing the temperature to increase enough for the politicians to to have cocktails outdoors post-election. It’s not conspiratorial or even divisive, but our elected officials just want to chill out and enjoy some nice weather.

    I think that we are paying for it now though. It’s been cold. The polar bears must have figured out a way to fight back. That’s a conspiracy. Damn bears.

  7. the problem with “cheap gas” is sometimes it’s not the best. A guy at work kept buying the ‘cheap gas’ and eventually this winter his car was having crappy times starting, and stalling, etc. We ended up dumping in some dry gas and cleaning out his fuel filter because the ‘cheap gas’ wasn’t that great.

  8. aestheticity says:

    perhaps adamondi, youd like to show us why in this case common sense and practical experience is a conspiracy theory, and furnish us with evidence of exactly why prices DID go down during the election alone.

    ps i dont even live in the us, but you dont get to do what you just did without question.

  9. Grrrrrrr, now with two buns made of bacon. says:

    Woohoo..just in time for the summer driving season. The oil companies are already poised to drape the consumer over their collective laps for the summer. “Who’s your daddy??”

    The price of gas has gone up 40 cents in the last four weeks, and I don’t believe the “refinery fire” excuse. If the supply chain really is that tight, we’re really screwed. Conspiracy theories aside, my question is…if we’re all in this horrible situation together, why are the oil companies posting record profits? Energy is a monopoly, and with gasoline, unlike other market commodities, as a consumer, you can’t just easily and inexpensively switch to something else.

    I think the oil companies are testing the waters to see how high they can get prices for the summer without people screaming and/or triggering a senate investigaton. I’m betting on $3.00 a gallon, unless a really convenient excuse comes along (*cough* hurricane *cough*)..in which case, $3.50 or maybe $4.00. So, bend over, everyone…the summer driving season is on its way!

  10. healthdog says:


    That is all.