UPDATE: Be Friends With Eddie's $8,677.29 Cingular Bill

Eddie of the “$8,677.29 cell phone billing mistake” has started a myspace for his bill. Be sure to stop over and friend his $8,677.29 cell phone bill. Eddie has been trying to get Cingular to correct their $8,677.29 mistake, but they just can’t seem to get around to it. From Eddie’s email:

Now my bill went from an average monthly bill of less than $100 to $8,677.29. It had something to do with my data transfer rate. Obviously, they did not give me my original plan. Instead they gave me some $8,677.29/month plan.

I have filed a complaint with the BBB and the FCC. I still have not been able to resolve this issue. Cingular told me they will get back to me “soon.” I’m really worried that I may get stuck with this bill.

Be friends with Eddie’s bill! —MEGHANN MARCO

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