UPDATE: Be Friends With Eddie's $8,677.29 Cingular Bill

Eddie of the “$8,677.29 cell phone billing mistake” has started a myspace for his bill. Be sure to stop over and friend his $8,677.29 cell phone bill. Eddie has been trying to get Cingular to correct their $8,677.29 mistake, but they just can’t seem to get around to it. From Eddie’s email:

Now my bill went from an average monthly bill of less than $100 to $8,677.29. It had something to do with my data transfer rate. Obviously, they did not give me my original plan. Instead they gave me some $8,677.29/month plan.

I have filed a complaint with the BBB and the FCC. I still have not been able to resolve this issue. Cingular told me they will get back to me “soon.” I’m really worried that I may get stuck with this bill.

Be friends with Eddie’s bill! —MEGHANN MARCO

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  1. sptatt says:

    When they switched back to ATT they had a billing glitch and kept charging my credit union account over and over. I called about it they turned off my service, I called about that, my contract was up in Jan. so I told the woman I spoke to just cancel my service they continue to bill me every month.

  2. Citron says:

    Make a Facebook group, and I’ll join. I don’t do the Myspace. :(

  3. mathew says:

    Didn’t we have News International (Fox / Myspace) in the Consumerist vote for Worst Company In America?

  4. evanchsa says:

    Last June or July Cingular had me use over 9.2 million minutes. Clearly it was a mistake on their part but I had to call 3 different CSRs to get it fixed. The first two were really unsure about what they needed to do but the third was really helpful.

    I ended up getting about a month’s worht of service credit for my time. I should have let them try and bill me for the entertainment value!

    If you have submitted an online complaint to the FCC then you should expect a call from the executive customer service people. I did that once with ATT Wireless for $2.50 and it took about 10 business days for the call to come in if I remember correctly.

  5. RagManX says:

    I had a former co-worker who received a roughly $12,000 (in fact, slightly more) erroneous bill from Cingular a couple years back that is still causing him problems professionally (tough to get a gov’t clearance with that kind of mark on the credit report) as well as financially.

    I am still trying to get cleared a 2+ year old issue in which Cingular charged me for 4 months after I cancelled service. One call to get the charges cleared, back when I was trying to resolve this via phone, resulted in a hang-up while I was on hold for transfer to a supervisor. Another had a so-called “customer service agent” tell me I couldn’t cancel until I paid my bill up-to-date (as in, for the 3 prior months I was charged after cancelling). Another resulted in hang-up, pretty much mid-sentence, while I was talking to the first-tier support agent. I’m still receiving collection notices on this, but no response from Cingular when I write them. Grrrr.

  6. Xkeeper says:


    Last June or July Cingular had me use over 9.2 million minutes.

    Considering that there’s only 2,678,400 seconds in a month, yeah, that’d be pretty hilarious. Too bad you didn’t keep a copy!

  7. Havok154 says:

    Cingular always overcharged us, so my parents would call up and get a credit towards our bill for the overcharge. They had to do this EVERY month. One month they decided to take the credit back and shut off our phones for 3 days because we had an outstanding balance even though it’s because of their incompetence and horrible billing practices.

  8. mikesfree says:

    I had a similar experience with Sprint. It took about 5 calls to get it addressed. With Sprint, dont know about Cingular, it usually is best to submit an email version of a request, and it is usually serviced quickly, without a need for a second email.

  9. B says:

    So his cell phone bill is a pedophile? I’m confused.

  10. rdm says:

    Why did this need a myspace page?

  11. acambras says:

    Are the people who make friends with his bill on MySpace going to end up talking to Chris Hansen on Dateline NBC?