Disney Advertises Peter Pan DVD On Tomato Stickers, For Some Inexplicable Reason

toomanyplugs writes:


I saw this tonight while I was making dinner, and I thought of you. Apparently, someone found a new place to advertise!

If the pic is unclear, the sticker reads, “Now on 2-disc DVD Disney’s Peter Pan”. This was on my tomato. I’m not sure why Disney is interested in produce, but maybe it’s an open ad space.

We’re not sure about the conceptual link between the ad unit and the product either. Maybe Disney expects viewers won’t enjoy the film. — BEN POPKEN

Apply directly to the screen during “What Made The Red Man Red.” That song sucks. — MEGHANN MARCO


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  1. germ says:

    Companies have advertised on produce stickers for a while now. In a past life (around 10 years ago) I worked in a grocery store.

  2. clbarrientos says:

    Really 10 years? Next time I buy a banana I will look at the ad and check.

  3. mckeb753 says:

    p’raps it’s a florida tomato?

  4. We’ve been watching a grey market Hong-Kong DVD of Peter Pan for a couple of years, and I’m actually surprised that they didn’t cut the “What made the red man red” number from the rerelease. I think it’s more offensive than about 85% of Song of the South.

  5. billybastion says:

    maybe you wont see it anymore, but i remember when the new curious george came out last year (?) they advertised on bananas (which makes me more sense than tomatoes (or is it tomatos))

    for me, i dont mind it. i actually kind of admire the out of the box thinking. usually out of the box thinking involves something really intrusive and annoying, at least this is subtle. (i mean it worked, you didnt notice it until you got it out to cook, and you DID notice it)

  6. mendel says:

    There were Curious George ads on Chiquita bananas when that movie was in the theatres, but at least that connection makes sense. Tomatoes?

  7. airren says:

    Oh man, those look like them spezial perfect expensive-type tomatoes too! They did not skimp on this marketing!

  8. Kyle says:

    What’s going to be really creepy is if they start burning these ads onto the food itself. I saw a news story a while back where they can burn dots with a laser into fruit/veggies to make a logo instead of using stickers. I’m not sure if they’ll ever go through with it though.

  9. TPK says:

    Interesting logistical success story, considering the realatively short shelf-life of fresh vegetables and the fact that (according to a nearby billboard at least) the DVD went on sale today. Imagine the coordination required to get the properly-stickered tomato on toomanyplugs’ kitchen counter this very evening!

  10. Firstborn Dragon says:

    They’re doing this on eggs too. I think with lazers or something. I can’t remeber where I saw it off hand though, only they showed pictures of advertisments on eggs.

    So really taking this forwards to other food products is hardly surprising.

  11. Jigen says:

    I work in the produce section of a super market. I’ve noticed ads on our bananas many many times. Don’t recall seeing ads on any other produce, but I don’t really look. The banana ads just jump out at me because they’re usually on a secondary sticker normally not on the banana.

  12. homerjay says:

    Hey, anything that doesn’t prompt a call to the Boston bomb squad is okay by me now-a-days…

  13. hop says:

    why do we have those stickers anyway???????they are a pain to get off of some fruits and veggies………….

  14. no.no.notorious says:

    @homerjay: HAHA good comment

  15. John Stracke says:


    why do we have those stickers anyway

    So that the cashier can see which kind of fruit you have. When you have a gazillion varieties of apple in the store, this is important.

  16. Designersheets says:

    Disney has gotten into the game of selling anything and everything. They have mickey mouse selling cheese and even the aristocats selling kitty litter! I know this is going on at Kroger, not sure where else. On the plus side most of it’s cheaper then the store brands. I found a promo link to tell the rest of the story

  17. detrop says:


  18. royal72 says:

    why advertise on fruits and vegetables? target audience. ie: mom’s who watched peter pan as a kid and now want to share the movie with their children… from an advertising standpoint it’s quite brilliant really and i’d imagine very cost effective as well.

  19. strandist says:

    It’s clear that Disney had to resort to less intuitive advertising options after Peter Pan Peanut butter killed 182 people. Or something like that.