Round 12: Verizon vs Walmart

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  1. katana says:

    I guess Wal mart should take this one to give any creedence to them beating Monsanto

  2. Logan26 says:

    I still can’t believe people dislike walmart so much. What gives? The have more products than other box stores. Cheaper prices than them aswell, but yet people hate them for whatever reason. I personaly like them. Name Brand Products for less than Target, KMart, BestBuy, CUSA and many others. Whats wrong with allowing people to afford things they can’t at other stores?

  3. thereviewer says:

    I am gonna go with Verizon on this one. Wal-mart has done a lot in the last year, as far as green elements, and attempts to change their image. I don’t know if it is marketing and PR, or real changes, but the new wal-mart they are putting up is going to have green space, trails to restaurants for the employees, water collection and other less evil things.

  4. pronell says:

    I can understand why people like WalMart and prefer to shop there… but I just can’t get the people who don’t get the reasons for WalMart hate.

    They destroy companies. They harm brands. They undermine communities.

    Plus, while I’m not sure it’s still true, at one point a few years ago, five of the ten richest people in the world were from the Walton family.

    It’s that last one that pisses me off so much. They’re locking in their workers at night, union-busting, keeping people from even reaching full time status to have a _chance_ of getting benefits. And they can’t AFFORD to treat their workers properly?

    Is there any point, at all, when enough is enough?

  5. dugn says:

    So what if WalMart is a big box store? That doesn’t instantly classify them as ‘evil’.

    They strong-arm unions the way unions try to strong-arm them. They innovate with new ways to keep their costs low by pushing costs to the producers. They have reasonable healthplan offerings – especially if you consider the less educated people they often hire that live within employment distance to their stores. They hire minorities, the handicapped, veterans and the elderly.

    Sure, it’s not hard to find someone’s “I hate WalMart” rant on the web. But these occasional incidents aside, WalMart is a great U.S.-based employer with lots of offerings that keep people coming back.

    Verizon is almost always out to screw people (its employees, its customers – everyone but its VPs). I honestly can’t see how the same thing can be said of WalMart.

  6. etinterrapax says:

    What Pronell said. They have had chance after chance–in fact, every single day, they have billions of little chances–to treat someone right besides themselves, and they have consistently and adamantly shown that they will not. They ran out of ways to increase profits by streamlining manufacturing and supply chains, and started sacrificing people’s well-being on every end, and they just don’t care. So many brands rely so completely on Wal-Mart to stay in business that when they collapse, everything will. If it doesn’t scare you, you’re incredibly stupid. No economy can afford to depend so wholly on one corporate entity that shits on everyone and everything in range.

  7. Logan26 says:

    So you are against a company who tries to bring the lowest price possible to its customers? You hate them because they made billions of cash on a business plan that works? None of this makes sence. None of the other stores I listed earlier do anything to try and bring prices down so that ordinary people can afford them, but that is perfectly fine by you? That makes no sence what so ever. And the only reason they squeeze out smaller stores is because people continue to shop there instead of the other local stores. Whose fault is that? It sure as hell isn’t Walmart’s or the Walton Families. Blame the millions upon millions of people who prefer to get good quality ame brands goods at affordable prices. I’ll continue to shop there so long as they carry what I want at the prices I’m willing to pay. It is simple economics, if someone can get product A for 19.99 at store A or pay 24.99 at store B, Store A is almost always going to get the business. And FYI IYDK, Dell, HP/Comcraq, Gateway/Emachine do this very same thing. Why do you think you can buy a PC for under 400 bucks today? Because they buy everything is super larger volume which gives super large discounts on those products they buy. Walmart is no different. The thing that seperates them from other box stores is they are willing to pass this cost savings on to you, me and everyone else that is willing to shop there. None of the other box stores do this.

  8. phrygian says:

    Wal-Mart runs other, smaller businesses out of business because more people are interested in saving a nickel on a jumbo pack of toilet paper than are interested in quality merchandise or supporting local businesses. In turn, those stores’ workers are often rehired at Wal-Mart for lower pay. (Often the workers feel forced into working at Wal-Mart because there are no other options and they have a family to support.) Most Wal-Mart workers only make enough to shop at Wal-Mart. Thus, the cycle is perpetuated.

    I’ve lived in two towns where Wal-Mart has effectively run all competition into the ground and closed down the traditional town square. Then, they pulled up stakes because the profit margin wasn’t high enough, leaving workers without jobs and no other businesses to absorb them. All because people want Cheap, regardless of the consequences.

    I’ve yet to see Target, KMart or Sears or any other big box store have this sort of devastating effect on small town life. True, they don’t usually go into places like that. But, at least they aren’t busy destroying communities while touting community building efforts.

    I know people who shop at Wal-Mart and people who adore Wal-Mart. However, I don’t shop there. Enough other people are buying from them — that’s their choice; my choice is not to shop there.

  9. Logan26 says:


    Let me get this straight, a jumbo pack of brawny paper towels at walmart isn’t quality goods but it is a local mom and pop store? How about Samsung, Panasonic, Sony, Magnavox, Kenwood, Pioneer, Levis, Lee, and many other brands. They all become crap because they are at a walmart store? Interesting.

  10. puka_pai says:

    @dugn: They innovate with new ways to keep their costs low by pushing costs to the producers.

    They certainly do. To the point of pushing those same producers close to the edge of bankruptcy. Try reading Fast Company’s story about Walmart and Vlasic to give you an idea of how Walmart keeps costs down.

    That should help you understand why so many people won’t shop there.

  11. phrygian says:

    @Logan26: Actually, a lot of brand names have “Wal-Mart versions” of their products. So, it is quite likely that they aren’t the same quality as you might receive at a mom and pop store.

    However in my previous post, I never said anything about items being “crap” because they existed at a Wal-Mart. Actually, I think quality extends beyond the product to include customer service and shopping experience.

    And beyond that, I do really care about whether or not small town economies are crippled by big business.

    I’m not telling anyone not to shop at Wal-Mart. I’m simply stating why I won’t shop there myself.

  12. KenV says:

    There are two types of people in this country. Those that shop at smiley-faced Wal-Mart and those that have seen the Beast of Bentonville!

    Currently there are more of the former than the latter, but the Anti Wal-Mart Movement is changing that one customer at a time.

  13. I dislike Walmart on principle, however I feel that in this particular case I must vote for Verizon. I will refrain from pointing out my reasons as I have noticed that the discussion is getting pretty heated.

    Verizon for the worser.

  14. Trai_Dep says:

    I also recommend “Wal-mart: the High Cost of Low Price”, to those that are saying, “Whaaa?!” to people that aren’t too keen on Wal-Mart.

    I’m sure the film has a website, although I’m too lazy to Google it.

    $3.00 rental is cheap price to pay to becoming (perhaps) a bit more aware. :)

  15. Trai_Dep says:


    whoa. just finished reading that Fast Company article. Excellent find! Thanks.

  16. Orval says:

    Walmart might actually be forgiveable if it actually delivered: it’s big and has everything, I mean not obscure things, but regular stuff, and it’s prices are cheaper. In my own practical experience, neither is true. Prices are better on a narrow range of products where you off-hand know the going rates, say milk or diapers or DVDs, but NOT on other things. Which they may well not have in stock anyway, they very often don’t. And god help you if you want to find a clerk and ask, let alone a clerk that might be able to help you.

    Add to that, a miserable shopping experience with those horrible self-checkout machines and soviet style lineups, and deliberate attempts to make entry and exit as complicated as possible so you have that many more opportunities to impulse buy… and then there is the way they treat their employees, suppliers, and community generally.

    A business model designed by His Infernal Majesty Himself, surely.

  17. Logan26 says:

    Dont know where you guys shop at for walmart. But the walmarts I shop at in MD and NC have always had lower prices on jeans, TVs, DVD players, toys, and damn near everything else I’d buy compared to best buy, target, kmart/sears and mom and pop shops. I’ve never had problems locating a clerk or floor person nor have I ever had issues with rude or unwilling clerks in trying to help me.

  18. Logan26 says:

    small edit, the things i dont buy from them are computer related items as they are cheaper online from, and

  19. markofkane2 says:

    Wal-mart is just too greedy, They care more about profits, than customers or employees. Wal-Mart does not carry a lot of items I used to buy there. I don’t know why everyone else goes there.

  20. jackbenimble says:

    Wal-Mart is an evil empire.