After Battle, Marie Gets Escapes Verizon Contract

After a long battle, which we posted, Marie is getting out her Verizon contract without penalty. She writes:

    “Friday I received a voice mail on my cell from someone from the Executive Office. …She had been forwarded the email that I had sent to the VP of Customer Service. She is letting me cancel with no early termination fees. She did say that people are allowed to cancel for the text messaging increase but not the administrative fee increase because with that they are just crediting people’s accounts with the difference.”


Lesson: booting your issue up to the VP of Customer Service really works.

Interesting that the exec office person said they’re not letting customers cancel over admin fees, because we’ve gotten reports of people using that with success. Guess that’s just another case of corporate not accurately communicating policy to customer service, albeit, one that you can take advantage of. — BEN POPKEN

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(Photo: Maulleigh)

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