GoDaddy's Customer Service Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction

Godaddy really tipped the dildo cart over on this one.

The owner of had an invalid email address in their domain name info registered with GoDaddy. A third party complained to GoDaddy. The company sent an email to the invalid email address informing the owner that he needed to update his email address. Under the bylaws of ICANN, which oversees and administers domain names, all WHOIS info must be accurate.

Unsurprisingly, the owner never got it. 8 weeks later, GoDaddy yanked and sold it to someone else who backordered the domain.

After getting exposed, GoDaddy said they’re going to try to get the domain back for the original owner.

Whether or not the backorderer is the same person as the third-party complainant will make the difference between technical snafu and outright scandal.

GoDaddy needs to revise its policy. It makes no sense for GoDaddy to use contact information it know is incorrect to communicate with a customer to tell them they need to correct their contact information. — BEN POPKEN

GoDaddy Deletes Domain Name for Inaccurate Email Address[Domain Name Wire]
GoDaddy Responds to Deletion Over Invalid Email Address [Domain Name Wire] (Thanks to Abe!)

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