Consumerist's Flickr Pool: Friday Flickr Finds

(Photo: Morton Fox)

Photo by Cybele at Candy Blog (

(Photo: Adam Lawrence)

(Photo: erloteiel)

(Photo: Maulleigh)

(Photo: Clean Walmart)

The Consumerist Flickr Pool is going strong! We have 224 members and over 1,600 photos as of today. We still need more! We need photos of Walmart, photos of fast food places, photos of airports, photos of airplanes and photos illustrating concepts. Scams, banking, credit, frustration with your vacuum… we know you can do a better job than a stock photo agency. Jump in our Flickr pool!—MEGHANN MARCO


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  1. Morton Fox says:

    Thanks. I came across that Chinese restaurant with the amusing name out in Lynbrook.

  2. I’ve only ever seen that Arby’s sign in one place. I wonder…

  3. medalian1 says:

    I have an Arby’s sign like that at our local one (Bradenton, FL).

  4. kerry says:

    They took down the Arby’s sign like that near me, but replaced it with a “modern” sign of the same size, so I can still use it as a landmark. Miss the old neon, though.

  5. jkschlitz says:

    There’s an Arby’s sign in Turnersville, NJ near where I grew up too, or at least there was the last time I was there. I always loved it because it’s really big and it looks like it stepped out of the past. It’s got a certain charm that you just don’t see anymore. I hope they never disappear.

  6. There’s an Arby’s sign like that in Muncie, IN too. It’s been there forever. There used to be one in Peru, IN too, but it came down about a year ago when they rebuilt the Arby’s.