SOLVED: Olshan Foundation Repair's Warranty Not So Lifetime

After his complaint appeared on The Consumerist, Charles got a call from Olshan Foundation Repair Company. Now he appears to be on the sweet path to resolution.

He’s gotten calls from the manager of his local office, had visits from two Olshan VPs, and the firm’s majority owner also called to offer his direct line if the followup job wasn’t completed to Charles’ satisfaction. Nice.

However, Olshan wants Charles YouTube and our post taken down. Charles wants our post taken down too.

We’re glad Olshan has a Google Alert for their name. but we don’t remove posts except in extreme circumstances. We’ll point to this post in an update to the old, but we won’t remove it. Just because you fix a customer service bungle after getting publicly outed doesn’t mean you get a free pass on its record.

Charles letter, inside…

Charles writes:

I wanted to thank you for posting my complaint with Olshan Foundation Repair Company and give you an update on my situation.

Shortly after you posted my story I got a call from the office manager of the local Olshan office. She had gotten my third letter and noticed in the body of the letter that it was my third letter. She also told me that Olshan subscribes to an internet service and had become aware of the blog. She then set up a visit from two of Olshan’s vice-presidents to help resolve my issues. The next night I got a call from the majority owner of the firm who gave me his direct phone number and asked me call him if his corporate VP’s and the local office did not satisfy my needs. The third night I got a call from the President of Olshan as a follow up from the Owner’s call.

I since have met with the two VP’s and they set up a plan of action to fix my home and pay for the repairs to my walls and brick. As I write this letter the local manager Steve Meier, a very warm gentlemen who apologized profusely for not responding in a timely manner, and his Olshan crew have just finished the foundation work, with which I am very pleased. I will be getting local contractors to make the needed cosmetic repairs to the walls, etc.

One final thought, as a part of Olshan’s action plan to repair my home, they did ask one thing of me. Would I Pleassssseeeee remove the video and blog. Obviously Olshan did need a shove to do the right thing, and obviously has been a big part of that process. Again I want to thank you and I will be removing my YouTube video clip in the few days and I ask that you remove my Olshan blog.


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