Michael Baroody Gets CPSC Nomination Nod, White House Confirms

The White House broke its press blackout and confirmed that Bush intends to nominate Michael Baroody for chairman of the Consumer Product Safety Commission, WSJ online reported today at 5:20 pm.

Baroody’s professional career consists mainly of PR work for major Republican candidates. Recently, he served as chief spokesman for the National Association of Manufacturers, a group the San Francisco Chronicle described as “an industry group that opposes aggressive product-safety regulation and punitive fines.”

Product-safety regulation… punitive fines… aren’t those CPSC’s bread, and butter, respectively?

Baroody’s new role promises to be an exciting challenge for all involved. At least it wasn’t a recess appointment over President’s Day weekend, as was originally rumored. Now the nomination must pass approval by our esteemed elective representatives. They should have tough questions to ask, as long as they’re not too busy having a “liberal moment” somewhere. — BEN POPKEN

Bush to Nominate Baroody to Chair CPSC [Washington Wire]

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