Once Again, We Beseech You To Haggle With Comcast

Over at the Chicagoist, they opened their Comcast bill and had a heart attack. Thankfully, someone must have resuscitated them, for they were able to get a price quote from the competition (RCN), and use that info to coerce Comcast into giving them their old “promotional” pricing back. Their customer service experience was very pleasant, and they offer some tips for all of you potential hagglers out there. Learn how they were able to reduce their bill so as to buy more 30-packs of Old Style:

• Know what the competitors charge. Print out competing packages to have at the ready. Also make sure to compare apples to apples. For example, basic cable is significantly cheaper than digital cable.

• Be friendly. If you bitch about your “outrageous” bill, you are not going make any friends. These are real people on the other end of line, and they will treat you well if you do the same for them.

• Be honest. If you tell RCN that Comcast is giving out internet access, cable, VOIP, and bikini waxes for $20/month, RCN will hang up on your scheming ass.

More at Chicagoist. Pass the Old Style.—MEGHANN MARCO

Keep the Bastards Honest [Chicagoist](Thanks, dubbsy!)
(Photo: magnetbox)