Once Again, We Beseech You To Haggle With Comcast

Over at the Chicagoist, they opened their Comcast bill and had a heart attack. Thankfully, someone must have resuscitated them, for they were able to get a price quote from the competition (RCN), and use that info to coerce Comcast into giving them their old “promotional” pricing back. Their customer service experience was very pleasant, and they offer some tips for all of you potential hagglers out there. Learn how they were able to reduce their bill so as to buy more 30-packs of Old Style:

• Know what the competitors charge. Print out competing packages to have at the ready. Also make sure to compare apples to apples. For example, basic cable is significantly cheaper than digital cable.

• Be friendly. If you bitch about your “outrageous” bill, you are not going make any friends. These are real people on the other end of line, and they will treat you well if you do the same for them.

• Be honest. If you tell RCN that Comcast is giving out internet access, cable, VOIP, and bikini waxes for $20/month, RCN will hang up on your scheming ass.

More at Chicagoist. Pass the Old Style.—MEGHANN MARCO

Keep the Bastards Honest [Chicagoist](Thanks, dubbsy!)
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  1. tadowguy says:

    Comcast told me once that I could call back every 6 months and request the latest specials.

  2. adamondi says:

    I recently did exactly this. I looked into what various options cost, called Comcast and told them exactly what I wanted to remove from my service because it was all too expensive. The nice retention lady offered to let me keep what I really wanted for the next 6 months for a cheaper price than what I was paying. I was honest with her, and she said that she appreciated that I had done my research beforehand, because it made her job easier. She got to retain me, and I got a cheaper bill. Win-win.

  3. Scuba Steve says:

    Sure, when you want free extras they’re all lovey dovey, but when you ask them to raise their Usenet download cap from 2 GB a month to 5 GB they clench up tighter than a dolphin with diarrhea.

  4. NeoteriX says:

    It’s good idea until you check your options and realize Comcast has no competition in your area.

  5. Sir Winston Thriller says:

    I tried this with Comcast here in Vermont, trying to use DIRECTV and DISH as competition. The retention gal asked me how soon I could return my set-top box to the local Comcast office…

  6. Hoss says:

    Call the line to cancel service. Tell them your bill is way too high and you’re starting to shop around. Ask if they can save you the trouble by offering the new subscriber special rate. I got digital cable/VOIP/broadband for $99 per month under a contracted rate for 24 months. I should say thouugh, there are now three cable providers in my area and I used that leverage

  7. He says:

    Dude, that 6 pack is in Lacrosse, WI, not Chicago.

  8. Meg Marco says:

    I know, I’ve been there.

  9. doppler says:

    truck topper gives it away

  10. SteveA says:

    I too have had no luck in getting a Comcast CSR to give me any reductions or rebates. Since we can also get RCN easily I’ve just been told to cancel and sign up with RCN if its so much cheaper (which it isn’t and the service is worse).

    So good luck, and if any of you are successful, I’ll cook you a free dinner if you come over and get Comcast to give me a discount.

  11. demoman says:

    After recently going to work for a national VOIP Provider ACN. I also have encountered this if you want COMCAST to lower your bill. Threaten to leave. If the CSR doesn’t do you any good Ask to speak with Customer Retention. This work’s for Direct TV as well. They will LOWER your bill significantly.

  12. statisticschick says:

    Honestly, I am willing to pay a little more to the service provider who can keep my service on with the fewest interruptions. I have had it with Comcast. We’ve had unreliable service (cable television and internet) for the last 5 months. Doesn’t stop Comcast from cashing our checks. We’ve had a slew of service people out and tons of internet down time. Not good when you work from home like we do. We have an appointment to switch to RCN. I’m cautiously optimistic that they will be better based on reports from our neighbors, but we will see (we live in the DC Metro area).