CompUSA's "Fire Sales" Expected To Suck

Don’t expect good deals at CompUSA store closings, reader Brian reiterates, as the liquidation company apparently has a history of being anti-consumer:

if you do some research, you’ll find that Gordon Brothers, the liquidation company that purchased the 100 closing stores is incredibly good at screwing customers and employees. look for Compusa fire sale prices to be incredibly bad. (as in, prices will rise, not drop for the first oh, month of sales)

they also will not allow returns, exchanges, or defective exchanges. Most products will not receive manufacturers warranties after purchase by customers.

the fire sale will bode bad news for a lot of customers đŸ˜¦

just imagine the stock that compusa currently has, with the warehouse people sabotaging it. (can you say “dropkick?)

Wonder if local papers will be filled with glossy inserts touting the sales. If so, savvy shoppers will know to compare the prices with the CompUSA prices elsewhere to make sure it’s a deal. Just because the number is surrounded by an exploding yellow star doesn’t necessarily mean savings. — BEN POPKEN

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