Walmart Brand Chicken: Now With Steel Hex Nut?

Well, this is gross: Now included with your bag of Walmart’s “Great Value” house brand chicken breasts…a steel hex nut off of a very large bolt. We’ve heard of getting a prize in a box of cracker jacks, but this is ridiculous. Our tipster assures us:

No word if the nut also comes in BBQ flavor.

The chicken’s owner has informed the USDA, but has not heard back. Ew. Just, ew. More photos inside.—MEGHANN MARCO




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  1. VA_White says:

    That is a hex NUT.

    I received a 2″ hex bolt embedded in a generic rice crispy treat from the vending machine at work. I sent it in to the baker in Chicago and received a letter of apology and a free case of presumably bolt-free crispie treats.

  2. Daytonna says:

    Oh, yea and please pay no attention to the already opened re-sealable packing. Honest we didnt just put this fozen nut right where you could see it in a photo and then re-seal the bag.

    I.E. “thats not my finger in the wendy’s chili.”

  3. Ben Popken says:

    @Daytonna: That was my first thought too. Then again, the nut does seem to show an appropriate level of freezer burn.

  4. SOhp101 says:

    I have to agree with Daytonna… just tell that person to go return it and there should be no problem.

  5. Ben Popken says:

    @Daytonna: Actually, if she had opened it, the plastic at the top would be ripped. You can’t just have ziplock bags lying out on the shelves. Otherwise people would be slipping hex nuts in chicken breast filets left and right.

  6. adamondi says:

    Well, it is a great value, after all. I mean, come on, chicken and a free nut? Score.

    By the way, calling it a “hex nut” is somewhat redundant. Almost all nuts are hexagonal. You would only need to label it as something other than a “nut” if it was not a hex nut.

  7. Grrrrrrr, now with two buns made of bacon. says:

    Oh great, now everyone is going to want one!

    I’d give my left..umm…arm…for a bonus like that!

    (And yes, there is that skeptic in me that says “bogus”…but on the other hand, would somebody really be that desperate for attention if they’re not suing for damages?)

  8. medalian1 says:

    Does look opened … where is the letter w/ the pics from whoever?

  9. Grrrrrrr, now with two buns made of bacon. says:

    You know, I’m thinking about it..maybe it’s Wal-Mart’s new “buy some chicken, own a little bit of NASCAR” promotion.

  10. WindowSeat says:

    Pieces of metal like this are rare in packaging because most companies have some sort of magnetic tunnel on their production lines to keep this sort of thing from happening. Then again if the metal isn’t ferrous, I can see it slipping past inspection.

  11. fleef says:

    who buys food at Walmart??

  12. DeeJayQueue says:

    @adamondi: When you say “nut” and you’re already talking about food, it’s easy to assume that perhaps it’s like a peanut or a cashew or a walnut (which isn’t outside the range of possibility and not really all that gross) but when you say “hex nut” you immediately think of the kind of nut that goes on a bolt.

    Plus, Why the hell would you buy chicken with a nut in it? That kind of thing falls to the bottom of the bag immediately when you pick it up, frozen or not, and it’s not that hard to see in the package. Unless the buyer was totally oblivious at the time…

  13. Meg Marco says:

    adamondi, people often read this site via rss, clicking on headlines that interest them. I wanted them to know it was something metal, avoid confusion, etc.

  14. AcidReign says:

    …..Magnetic tunnel? That’s a good one! Now if they could just make a tunnel for carbon bits…

    …..Packaging equipment manufacturers haven’t even figured out how to effectively deal with static electricity on plastic-wrap machines, yet!

    …..This nut thing, you’ve either got a customer planting the thing, or employee sabotage, 99.9999999% of the time!

  15. Grrrrrrr, now with two buns made of bacon. says:

    Allergy warning: Packaged in a facility that processes nuts.

  16. dohtem says:
  17. Dustbunny says:

    Wal-Mart’s just trying to divert people’s attention from the Nazi t-shirts.

  18. Hoss says:

    It’s more of an oddity than gross, isn’t it? I mean, the food is touching all sorts of metal before it gets to the bag anyway. Given a choice b/w this chicken and KFC West Village — I’m eatin the Walmart Nutin Fillets, and gimme seconds…

  19. Chairman-Meow says:

    Ok someone’s gotta say it so I guess it’ll be me.

    Looks like the chicken is fortified with extra Iron.

    Oh dear got put that club down…aaaiiieeeee!

  20. biledemon says:

    Oh man… it’s a good thing I turned vegeterian 7 years ago. What could possibly drive someone to buy a frozen carcass to later, defrost it and eat it. Did I mention the hex nut bolt bonus to heat up alongside the carcass and brand it for decoration?

  21. lastfm says:

    Wonder why the receipt is on the package in the last photo. Is someone covering up a slit in in the packaging? Just speculating.

  22. puka_pai says:

    It’s possible it was stuck to some of the chicken further up inside the package, where it would be covered by the colored label. Then the purchaser wouldn’t find it until the package was opened.

  23. Stepehn Colbert says:

    Oh you people complaining about your chicken bag prizes. Thats a PRIZE! Don’t you know that in every 1,000th bag of Walmart chicken, and Pre-packaged chicken feet, complete with toes, you receive a jagged metal ring as a prize?

  24. thechansen says:

    Anyone else read the receipt? It looks kinda off… The prices add up to $20.10 and there was no tax added. Buyer paid an even $20? Come on, how often does that happen? Plus the print on the receipt looks like an aborted Photoshop distort/perspective job. I call hoax.

  25. ganzhimself says:

    Hmm… Let’s see. The frozen boneless skinless chicken is processed on a machine. The machine has lots of moving parts. Sometimes things come loose or break before routine maintenance schedules. These things are bound to happen. It’s not like the nut was embedded into a piece of chicken they took a bite of. Take it back, get new chicken, move on.

  26. puka_pai says:

    @thechansen: No tax added because they were all food items. Where I live, there’s no tax on food. Probably the same where the chicken was purchased.

  27. 75Sasha says:

    When I was a QC Chemist for a frosting company, the lab was attached to the plant, so we would get to see how the day to day operations went. When the items came down the conveyer they would pass through a circular metal detector. This could sense stainless steel, ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The rejection limit was set very low. It would kick off anything that contained any of the above metals larger than a 4mm diameter ball. If they had the same set-up (most food processing plants do) they could have been running with faulty metal detectors or had the metal detectors shut off all together.

  28. toxicredm says:

    What? This is obviously just one of Wal-Mart’s new and improved Frankenchickens.

  29. soldierboyadam says:

    Are they bagging this shit in a machine shop?

  30. theDevilsDue says:

    A lot of mass produced food actually passes through metal detectors to help make sure this doesn’t happen. Personally, I’d rather have a metal nut in my chicken instead of a dead rat, someones finger, or any other number of contaminants.

  31. AcidReign says:

    …..I’ve seen those metal detector machines. Most are plagued by false alarms. The look good on the line, and you can get rid of production-killing stoppages quite nicely by unpluging the controller cord. Sorry, but that’s how it’s done. It’s a lot cheaper to hand out a free pack of chicken now and then, than to suffer through $200-an-hour downtime on the line!

  32. SexCpotatoes says:

    @75Sasha: Like 75Sasha said, there are metal detectors with very low tolerances on the production lines. We have them at the Factory Bakery where I work. The instant any little bit of metal is detected, *woosh* compressed air blows the loaf of bread/or buns off the line, and down a chute into a tall trash can. These things are inspected, and tested every shift, because not one of these companies wants a multi-million dollar lawsuit against their company.


    Seriously can someone address fleef’s question – who is buying food at Walmart??? How much cheaper is it than regular supermarkets? Are people that lazy and complacent about buying good food products that they buy everything that they need in one trip? Like it’s too much trouble to run errands at Wal-Mart and then go around the corner to the Super Market. Shudder – ick, poo …

  34. synergy says:

    @blythedesign: Many times Walmart is the only game in town. Even here in a major city Walmart is only 1 of I’d say 3 main places the vast majority of people buy their groceries. One of the other two is Target. Almost all the other grocery stores I remember from growing up here have been edged out by these 3.

  35. Nader4President says:

    Based on the look of that nut, I call for an immediate inspection of that particular store’s 28,366,542,311 grocery carts!

  36. mike-flynn says:

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