Round 8: Monsanto vs Walmart

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Monsanto develops and market genetically engineered seed and bovine growth hormone. In 1997, Fox News acquiesced to Monsanto pressure and squashed a report on hormone-laced milk. At one time, the company was trying to develop seeds that grew plants that themselves grew no seeds, the idea being to force farmers to buy seeds year after year. The company is a frequent target of environmental action groups. Oh, and they made Agent Orange.

Hardly needing an introduction, Walmart draws criticism for disrupting small town economies and for its treatment of its workers. This year Walmart was successfully sued for millions of dollars in backwages owed to its employees. Recently Walmart hired public relations firm Edelman, who have tried an extreme image makeover for the retailer as if it were a political candidate. They sold, and continue to stock on its shelves, tshirts bearing Nazi iconography.

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