CompUSA Invented 53 Week Year So Execs Could Cash Big Bonuses?

CompUSA had a 53 week year last year, allowing upper management to reap large bonus checks, according to a company insider.

Most places have their quarters that run in: 4, 5, 4 (13 weeks = 1 Quarter). Last year CompUSA had (4, 5, 5). = 53 weeks/ year. Yes CompUSA had a 53 week year.. Not sure how, but the upper management got some FATTTT BONUSESSS $$$$$$… B/ they hit their bases #’s they needed to.

We’re not even sure how to begin substantiating this statement. Perusing annual reports or something, we suppose. Policies like this might be part of the reason why the company is imploding. — BEN POPKEN

UPDATE: Readers are noting this is a fairly standard practice in accounting and finance. No wonder we put a question mark in the headline.