Ripped-Off Mom Gets Resolution From Comcast After We Intervene

David’s Mom just got her refund check, nearly bringing her issue with Comcast billing and harassing her for cable that was never installed to a close.

After David tipped us off, we got in touch with our gal in Comcast PR who evidently sounded the klaxons to make this issue a priority for the right people. The day after we got in touch with Comcast, four different people from Comcast called David. None of them had any idea why they were calling, just that they hold been told to fix this issue pronto… but all’s well that ends well.

We commend Comcast for stepping up. Hopefully Comcast will someday apply the same mentality to solving its systemic and chronic problems with rude customer service, error-ridden billing, and botched cable installations. — BEN POPKEN

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(Photo: AntiochOG)


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  1. bambino says:

    can you ‘get a gal’ in time warner pr as well? we would all love you…

  2. Citron says:

    The fact that they called and didn’t have a clue why is so typical of Comcast. We tried to ask them why our cable internet bill had been raised from $25 to $70 three months prematurely, and they had absolutely no idea. One of them tried to say it was $50 worth of “taxes and fees,” and the other just hung up on us when we asked for a supervisor because he didn’t know how much the service cost normally. Honestly. No idea.

  3. tommyvtommy says:

    The same thing happened to me. I signed up for comcast. They came out for 5 hours and then said that couldn’t get me service. That was in…November? I’ve been promised a check since December, but still nothing.

    It’s funny how they have no problem charging your credit card, but refunding with a check….or promise you that much at least.

  4. nike says:

    Comcast is a joke! They are constantly ripping their customers off, and consistently raising their bill(s). I canceled my interent service with them, and noticed on my detailed bill, a charge of $1.99. I asked a customer service rep,(in Missouri-Peggy was her name) why the charge. “She stated that they charge all their customer a $1.99 fee for ANY change to their account”. That’s called a cancellation fee- for those that are not in a contract….. ME!

    I had to call just about everyday for them to pick up the equipment. It took them 2 weeks, and still no revell. They finally sent a UPS box out, and had the nerve to charge me an additional $9.95 for the box…HUH? I had to call Customer no Service, to have that charge removed.

    I’ll be sure to tell EVERYONE I know and post on other sites about this NEW RIPP OFF!