Ripped-Off Mom Gets Resolution From Comcast After We Intervene

David’s Mom just got her refund check, nearly bringing her issue with Comcast billing and harassing her for cable that was never installed to a close.

After David tipped us off, we got in touch with our gal in Comcast PR who evidently sounded the klaxons to make this issue a priority for the right people. The day after we got in touch with Comcast, four different people from Comcast called David. None of them had any idea why they were calling, just that they hold been told to fix this issue pronto… but all’s well that ends well.

We commend Comcast for stepping up. Hopefully Comcast will someday apply the same mentality to solving its systemic and chronic problems with rude customer service, error-ridden billing, and botched cable installations. — BEN POPKEN

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(Photo: AntiochOG)

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